Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon
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See solution Tiktok Ads :

Trick marketing agency

Use the right hashtags on Tik Tok

As already mentioned, hashtags are one of the key elements. The main factor that the Tik Tok algorithm uses. Make your videos more accessible and memorable. Make sure you use creative templates and related hashtags on the post. Trending hashtags can draw large crowds to content

4. Know your Tik Tok followers

It’s important to collect the right follower data and adjust your advertising strategy based on the actual situation. For example, you know your target audience’s online time so you can post content that gets the most engagement. Tik Tok Professional Promotional Accounts provide useful insights to help achieve better understanding of potential customers. You can find an account overview, video performance and follower activity through the Tik Tok Professional Analytics section.

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Live on Tiktok: Tik Tok pushes content to users who like to explore. If users often search by special hashtags or videos with special audio tracks, they will be suggested to watch videos with the same hashtags and sounds. Device and account settings: user language selection, country setting, device type are also parts that Tik Tok considers when serving content.

TikTok Shop Ads

Step 1: The seller will choose any short video that gets a lot of traffic and comments actively to advertise.

Step 2: The seller clicks on the 3-dot button that appears on the screen and it will display many other action buttons together. The seller will perform the selection of the “advertisement” button.

Step 3: Tik tok will ask the seller to select an ad objective. Based on the main goal that the seller wants to be able to choose a reasonable target.

Step 4: After selecting the ad objective, the merchant will perform the selection of the audience that the seller chooses target (referring to the target customer group). In this section, there will be 2 options: custom or automatic. If automatically from Tik Tok will automatically filter customers for the seller, while custom, the seller can choose based on many criteria.

Step 5: Choose a budget. Here, the seller will choose to allocate the budget for each day. The platform will then display an estimate and overview table for the seller to review and sign up for. The merchant will make a budget deposit and start the advertising process.

Growing TikTok account, buy follow TikTok, buy TikTok account, hack follow TikTok, auto follow TikTok, buff follow TikTok, software to increase follow TikTok, etc. These are the fastest ways to increase TikTok followers, you can find instructions in this article. In addition, QCST also shared how to increase Tik Tok followers naturally for free with video content and some other TikTok advertising tricks . Watch now about Advertising price on TikTok

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Tiktok Ads for what ?

  • You will have more clients .
  • You will sell more items .
  • You will profitable and more more time to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally you will experience the feeling of thigh shaking while enjoying coffee and  Answering customer queries  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles,  groping to edit ads.


Please rest assured business, Advertise Tiktok in Saigon let us take care !

Effect of  marketing agency for ?

1/ Right time :

  • Three times look at the concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times drives the viewer’s buying urge to watch the ad.

2/ Correct object :

Target exactly what you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are people:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Having a moderate to high income who decides on family spending
  • A person who influences family, friends, relatives.

3/ Correct message :

My layout design shows the correct content Tiktok Ads, the right message. Do not spread gills.

Use TikTok Analytics to analyze channel users

Like any social media platform, analytics plays an essential role in planning detailed business plan. The TikTok Analytics tool will provide in-depth data about users and their behavior. You can use this information to tailor your content to improve engagement and profile visits.

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Things to optimize when setting up SEO standards

  • Set up standard booth configuration
  • Optimize SP images for SEO standards (Image name, Content on image)
  • Optimize image content (Description, hashtags, keywords)
  • Aesthetic booth design

To open for sale on TikTok Shop, posting products is extremely important. So do you know  how to post products on Tiktok Shop standard seo yet? In order to make your sales process more convenient and accessible to users, this article will guide you on how to post the most detailed products from within, Come to the image… Let’s find out now!

Description Basic Information about the Product

Just meet the developer’s specified conditions and your product will be approved quickly right. And with standard seo content, it is not difficult to get to the Top 1. Please refer to the suggestions below to optimize the product right away!

Product image information

  • Each product will have a maximum of 9 images.
  • Image ratio 1:1
  • Minimum image size is 600 x 600px
  • Maximum image file size is 5MB

Product Description

  • Products are described with  bullet => Text.
  • Add up to 30 banners or related images.

In the process of describing information, you need to pay attention to describe the right keywords that users search for. Should focus on naming products clearly.

Video Regulations (optional)

  • Recommended video ratio tiktok shop is  1:19:16 or 16:9
  • Size size video file maximum 20MB

Product weight, size – parcel

Weight regulations:

  •    Package weight = Product weight + Packaging (Example: Box, bubble or wooden packaging)
  •    The allowable parcel weight is 1-100Kg.

Plot size regulations ( optional)

Size is not specified but seller needs to make sure the exact size as they will be used Used to calculate fees and shipping methods.

  • Warranty period (optional)
  • Warranty Policy (optional)
  • Pay on delivery


  • Move the button to the right to enable COD for this product
  • J&T COD order limit for customers is IDR 5,000,000

What is

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon? Why Tiktok Ads will be a Marketing trend in 2023

Tiktok Ads (Tiktok Ads) is the way you pay money to social network Tiktok to advertise your videos. From there, you increase the number of video viewers and increase business efficiency. This is a form of Marketing that helps you convert viewers to your Website, Landing Page to sell, introduce your products and services.

Especially next time 2024, Tiktok launched Tiktok Shop is one of the tools to help sellers sell goods on this social network without having to switch to another platform. This proves that Tiktok advertising is one of the marketing forms that cannot be ignored in the upcoming business plan.

Content marketing agency is restricted

  • Cosmetics: Ads may not contain misleading or inaccurate statements or information.
  • Contraceptive: Only condom advertising is allowed but must not focus on sexual pleasure or be of an overly sexual nature.</ span>
  • Pharmaceutical, healthcare, medication, or menstrual products: Ads may not contain misleading or inaccurate statements.
  • Stock trading platform
  • Financial services such as credit cards, loans, forex, insurance, fintech,…

Reality proves that Tiktok Ads is the shortest path when marketing agency Closing Orders will bring big revenue

Invalid image size

  • Advertising images and videos need to be sharp, intuitive, with high resolution. TikTok will not accept images and videos that are blurred, unclear and difficult to identify, partially covering the image. If you send these ads to viewers, it will also reduce credibility and increase confusion about that brand in the hearts of customers.
  • The duration of the video on TikTok must be at least 5s and up to 60s.
  • Avoid low-quality, indistinct, intermittent and difficult-to-recognize sounds, especially not sticky copyright.
  • Video frame does not guarantee standard size, style: Vertical (9:16), Square (1: 1), Horizontal (16:9).

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Prohibited advertising content

Content promoting prohibited or restricted categories

Content violations Community Standards và Advertising Policy of TikTok

Military content

Negative content related to military or police symbols, sensitive military events, militarism, advocating or whitewashing war, illegal elements.

Discriminatory content

Content that contains hate speech against a protected group, individual, or organization based on race, ethnicity, national origin, inclination sex, gender identity, religion, age, family status, medical or genetic condition.

Which brand should advertise on Tik Tok?

Brands with a set of potential customers

Tik Tok is a powerful and fast-growing platform that supports Helping brands reach millions of young users. According to research by Vox, 66% of Tiktok users are younger than 30 years old. If the brand is targeting Millennials and younger GenZ generations, Tik Tok is an ideal choice to make connections with the audience. your customer image.

Brand targeted at potential customers global

With Tik Tok, you can reach the scope micro-users across the globe. Tik Tok is currently available in 155 countries and supports 75 languages. As of January 2020, Tik Tok is the most downloaded app in the world based on data from Sensor Tower. The download rate reached 1.5 billion times.

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon at Closing Company

Tick Tok is a hot trend with a huge number of App users. You can create your own account to run ads, or better yet, rent a TikTok Agency account. An even simpler solution is to hire  TikToktok advertising services from reputable marketing companies for many years. Contact us now to get an effective and budget-friendly TikTok advertising price list.

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon


Mandatory landing page requirements 

Sites/apps allowed to navigate

Allowed Not allowed
– Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get apps- Active website or advertised product or service website. – Landing page is out of date, buggy or under construction- Landing page is not mobile friendly- Landing page with not content or information full- Landing page automatically loads files- Landing page requires users to download additional programs or enter personal information to access main content

Latest TikTok advertising price list

TIKTOK ADVERTISING RUN (for normal industry)
Run by video, click to website.
Customer audience: select gender, region, age, interests.

– Based on the information and video clips received from Party A, Party B writes its own content, advertising form, and customizes the target audience for distribution in the most effective way.

– Tiktok’s minimum daily budget is from 200,000 VND or more.

Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

Service fee 3 million/month :
– Budget running under 10 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 2 content

Service fee 3.5 million/month :
– Budget running 10 to 15 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 4.5 million/month :
– Budget running 15 to 25 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 5.5 million/month :
– Budget running 25 to 35 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 4 content

Budget over 35 million will be charged a service fee of 15 % on running budget amount. In a month, write or change no more than 4 content.

For special industries please contact now.

See quote Tiktok Ads updated today:Advertise Tiktok in Saigon

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