Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang
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You need Advertise Zalo in Da Nang to increase customers and increase sales? Zalo marketing let us take care!

Generate effective interactions and orders for everyone

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

Increased interest Zalo

How to run Zalo ads

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How to sell on Zalo effectively

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Advertising Zalo

How to increase interaction on Zalo

Types of Zalo advertising

Difference between personal Zalo and Zalo OA


See details of the latest price list:

  • CTR is too low

CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of clicks on the ad, with the formula: CTR = number of clicks/impressions x 100

CTR helps measure and evaluate the level of advertising the interest of the target customer group with the business’s advertising.

While facebook ads are calculated by impressions, Zalo is calculated by user clicks. CTR is a very important metric and needs to be checked regularly and always stable when making ads. If the CTR is too low, Zalo will stop advertising because the ads are not suitable, not user-friendly and Zalo will not profit from your ads.

Marketing personal Zalo through other channels

What is a cost-saving solution to promote products that shop owners often use?

Most Vietnamese customers who use Zalo often use Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. The value in each Zalo agency is confirmed by the quality and prestige of the Zalo marketing brand. Grab Advertise Zalo in Da Nang today, instead of just advertising and branding on Zalo, you can combine multi-channel Marketing to cut advertising costs and promptly capture customer information.

To do this, you need to share your personal Zalo account on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or personal website. Or you can make friends through user location updates to continue advertising on other social networking sites.

How to handle zalo ads without deduction

After finding the cause of the problem of Zalo ads not biting money, you can refer to the following solutions:

  • Increasing bid price

If the bidding price is too low to make Zalo ADS not bite money, you should adjust the bid price to be higher than the competition. With the minimum bid input there is a caveat that you should stay at the level recommended by Zalo for the ad to be delivered.
However, if your ad has reasonable content and quality images, it will still deliver despite the low BID price.

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

Find out the reason why Zalo ADS doesn’t bite money to come up with the optimal method to increase sales

Reality proves that Zalo marketing is the shortest way when Zalo agency with the company Closing Orders will bring good revenue

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

6 forms Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

Important note when creating Zalo OA

Setting up a business store, what you should pay attention to is to name the store so that it attracts the attention of customers. The store name is very important, it is one of the factors that make the success of your store business. Store names are the features that make your business store unique. However, most of the time when business people start, naming the store is very difficult, even making mistakes that should not be.

The name of a store is the first thing customers remember, more or less it also ensures that customers will remember you. Naming your business is like building bricks in a building. When the bricks are in their right place and the next job is to build along those brick lines. If the tile is not placed correctly, it will make it more difficult to have the next laying structure.

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

How to target on Zalo effectively

  • The narrower the target, the higher the suggested price will be. Zalo will not be like Facebook with a narrow target to find potential customers. At this time, good content will bring customers to your business.
  • Specific products only run in certain areas, leading to high bid prices => The cost for 1 order is quite expensive compared to other products.

So how to target to achieve the best efficiency and optimize costs? Please read and see it as a reference to save money when managing Zalo ads.

  • Location: There are 2 options: Province/T.P.P. – Specific location (can pin the exact address and radius you need to run). Determine where your product can be run, to what extent can it be delivered? If the whole country should not target anything. At this point, Zalo will automatically understand that you are setting the whole country. If the target is wide, the minimum bid price will decrease and vice versa.
  • Age: Can run over the age of 18 -> 65 always. Why target so wide while your product only serves a group of audiences? Zalo Ads are calculated by CPC (charged when there is a click or contact) and not by CPM, so the age limit will push the bid price up.

Summarizing the above are the simple, effective, cost-optimizing tips to increase interaction on Zalo. If your business is applying one way or another, you should review the report after each completed campaign to make the best decisions for the following campaigns to optimize costs. Good luck!

Zalo marketing for what?

  • You will have more customers.
  • You will sell more products.
  • You will have profits and more time to reinvest in something else.
  • In the end, you will experience the feeling of shaking your thighs enjoying coffee and answering customer service consultations  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles, groping around to edit ads..


Please rest assured to do business,  Advertise Zalo in Da Nang let us take care of it !

Creating Quality Content

Building quality content not only helps you increase the number of new customers, but also builds the best loyal customer file. It will be a pity if you have spent a lot of effort to get customers to visit your Zalo OA, but just because the content of the post does not bring much useful information, the customers come out and do not click the interested button. So what is a quality content like? It is best to find the content that customers are interested in and then create attractive posts that bring a lot of value. Investing in content does not bring immediate results, but this is a long-term, slow but sure and sustainable direction.

Let online marketing tell the brand story in the customer’s mind

Closed Orders advertising agency will work with you to build a unique business philosophy,

The philosophy cannot copy.


Moreover, your brand will survive the most deeply in the minds of customers.

We always accompany and create conditions for customers – businesses to develop sustainably

How to set the optimal budget

Zalo will evaluate and deliver ads based on 3 metrics of click price, number of clicks, and CTR.

  • Click Price: you should set it higher than the minimum price proposed by Zalo, Zalo’s ad distribution mechanism is “auction”, in 1 set for each customer. The QC with the higher bid price will be given priority.
  • Clicks: for QCs with 500 or more Clicks will be given priority.
  • CTR (Click through rate): This index will be used to evaluate the attractiveness and usefulness of the ad to users. The lower the CTR, the more it shows that the ad is not attractive, not useful to users and Zalo does not like it. When CTR <0.6 should turn off that QC template again, and >1 is fine.

Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

  • Should you leave a daily or an entire campaign budget: when leaving the entire campaign, the default QC is to deliver as quickly as possible even if you let the schedule run within 3 days, 1 week. So keep a daily budget.
  • Running schedule: should be set for a long time, because every time you edit, or renew, the QC must review it again.

Zalo ads run for hire

Run form lead form (fill out form)

Price 2,000,000 VND/month:
– Budget running under 8,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 2 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 3,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 10,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 3 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 4,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 5 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 6,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 25,000,000 VND to 50,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 8 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

General information:

  • Create a free Zalo Official Account page
  • Customer: select region, age, gender
  • Select the link to access when clicking on Ads

How to name Zalo page

How to name Zalo page is quite important, do not take it lightly. If you violate the rules, the Zalo administrator will not approve the page. You should consider when choosing a name according to the following criteria:

  • The name of the Zalo page must show the name of the brand, business, personal name or the name of the artist who owns the Zalo page.
  • Do not use names that cause confusion with other Zalo Pages or trademarks Zalo marketing.
  • Do not use another individual’s first name without their written consent.
  • Do not use non-proprietary trademarks (copyrighted by others or unregistered).
  • The page name must be clear and meaningful, should not be given a generic name that is not clear. By this, I can take an example for you to understand, for example, instead of naming it Bonny Shop, you should name it Bonny Green Tea Powder Shop or a similar clear name.
  • The name Zalo page must comply with Zalo’s content regulations.

Low cost

Running ads on professional Zalo helps to improve the interaction between business owners and potential customers in an economical way, optimize costs and get good results thanks to the free calling and messaging feature via Zalo.

Is the top business potential Zalo marketing for shop owners when owning a price list to run ads quite low compared to the common ground but still bring high efficiency. In particular, the market at Zalo is still very large and has not been fully exploited.

Ad Report Zalo by phone number

Ads deliver to those people’s timelines, distribute in New Newspapers, in Zing Mp3, Zing News

Minimum of 5,000+ phone numbers required. The larger the list of available phone numbers, the higher the ability to advertise to more customers.
Minimum bid is 3,000 VND/click
The rental fee is 2 million + budget (the bigger the budget, the higher the rental fee according to the price list)

Advertising Zalo package

Run the link to the website or Zalo OA

  • Promotional period is calculated as 1 month or calculated according to the number of commitments below whichever comes first. The price above the selected age range is not too narrow and the selected area must have Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi province, if the ad distribution area does not choose Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the price will increase by 20%.
  • Target customers: Choose 3 conditions: Region, gender, age
  • Create a page Zalo Page – Official Account and advertise on this page, hand over the page admin rights
  • Zalo Page for customers.
  • Uploading products to Zalo Page will cost a fee according to Zalo’s regulations
  • Advertising fee is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad

If using package 4,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 187,733 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,200 clicks on your ad.

If using package 5,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 258.133 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,450 clicks on your ad.

If using package 6,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 309.759 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,800 clicks on your ad.

If using package 8,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 341.333 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,133 clicks on your ad.

If using package 10,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 426.667 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,666 clicks on your ad.

The effect of  Zalo agency brings ?

1/ Right on time:

  • Look 3 times to have a concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times is promoting the buying and viewing needs of ad viewers.

2/ Right object:

Target the right audience you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are those who:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Has a moderate to high income, is the one who decides on the family expenses
  • An influence on family, friends, relatives.

3/ Right message:

My layout design shows the right content Zalo marketing, the right message. Do not spread.

View quote Zalo marketing updated today:Advertise Zalo in Da Nang

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