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Tiktok marketing agencies
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See solution tiktok agency in Ho Chi Minh :

Live on Tiktok: Tik Tok pushes content to users who like to explore. If users often search by special hashtags or videos with special audio tracks, they will be suggested to watch videos with the same hashtags and sounds. Device and account settings: user language selection, country setting, device type are also parts that Tik Tok considers when serving content.

tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh travel

Considered as the field that attracts the most viewers in the world In TikTok, refining the image in the video is very important in this area, this is something that you should pay great attention to if you want to attract a high viewership. Should invest in the quality of videos on travel topics, beautiful places that you go through.

Once you have a certain amount of Follow, you can sell related products such as:

  • Tours
  • Fashion for travel
  • Regional food
  • Hot trending place…

In this regard you can rest assured because Building a 100k, 200k Follow channel is quite easy, and any product you will sell will sell, as long as it is suitable for users on TikTok.

Tiktok marketing agencies

tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh: Branded Effects

From playing games, solving quick puzzles (Quizzes) or try make-up, this is an exclusive Tiktok advertisement that offers a real solution experience when using your products

  • Six days of in-app ads on Trending.
  • A page branded and dedicated to containing all both user-generated content for two months
  • Choose from a list of 45 pre-made templates to be able to plug-and-play
  • And this form will be even more efficient when bound suitable for hashtag challenge. Just think, what happens when you create effects and challenges that make customers look like they are using your product?

Tiktok marketing agencies

Variation Product Description and SKU List

Product Variation

The main variation is the change in the color, size or material of the product. Specify the variation as follows:

  • Each product has up to 3 variations (Example: Color, Size, Length or Fabric)
  • Limited variable values
  • Additional product images are recommended for respective variations.

List of SKUs

  • Enter the price of all SKUs. With multiple SKUs in a single product, Merchants can use bulk tools to adjust prices and inventory.
  • Input merchant SKU name if you need the identifier for your own use (optional)
  • Input Inventory Quantity

Discard, Save as Draft or Post Product

  • Remove: Remove all description
  • Save as Draft: Product will be saved and not made public. You can continue to edit until you are satisfied then Publish.
  • Submit (submit): Product will be submitted to the promotion process.

tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh: Live Shopping Ads

Ads that allow users to watch Livestream and purchase products

Users can click to watch the company’s livestream via ads report, then decide to buy through this livestream.

Tiktok marketing agencies

Reality proves that tiktok agency in Ho Chi Minh is the shortest path when tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh Closing Orders will bring big revenue

Redirect users to the website

Building an attractive TikTok channel with lots of followers but not navigating to the main website is a waste none. So don’t forget to put your website link so that channel viewers can easily see and visit your website.

Tiktok marketing agencies

A reputable website still creates a feeling of certainty and peace of mind for customers to buy products or use services your service.

TikTok’s livestream video algorithm

To successfully optimize videos on Tik Tok, you need to know how Tik Tok uses Videos reach different users based on their profile and interests. Here are the main factors Tik Tok recommends when creating video recommendations to users:

User Interaction: TikTok serves users videos they love to interact with. Users will see content from the specific accounts they interact with the most. Then Tiktok will display a video suggesting that user watch, sometimes a livestream video. Aside from likes and shares, video watch-through rate is the main ranking metric.

Tiktok marketing agencies

tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh seasonal gift

You probably also know Holidays or special occasions are many such as: Valentine’s Day on February 14, International Women’s Day on March 8, Vietnamese teachers on November 20, birthdays of parents, friends, teachers and spouses… On these occasions, the need to buy gifts is very high. high.

If you sell gift related products then you should separate the gift groups that will usually be consumed a lot on occasions such as:

Example :

  • Birthday gifts you can sell all year round like: bears cotton, cards, cute cups, small ceramic toys,…
  • Holidays like 14/2 you can step up commodity groups are flowers and chocolate. Need to refine the appearance of these products to attract buyers.
  • You should also follow and update anime movies is hot, but teddy bears in the shape of certain characters are being loved and hunted for sale.

Tiktok marketing agencies

Common mistakes when advertising Tiktok

If you want to find the optimal TikTok Ads technique, call us. immediately to us. And this article Advertising Online Marketing wants to share with you some experiences, some mistakes that are easy to make when running TikTok ads :

Content calling for purchase too much will not be marketed on tiktok

  • Ads and landing pages should not encourage over-buying of items through slow payment services such as credit cards, loan financing and “buy now, pay later” services.
  • Ads and landing pages should not explicitly suggest or imply that “buy now, pay later” is a risk-free way to spend money.

Ads instructing consumers to pay with loans, credit cards or “buy now, pay later” services may be allowed if it is not prominent than other content displayed in the ad.

Latest TikTok advertising price list

TIKTOK ADVERTISING RUN (for normal industry)
Run by video, click to website.
Customer audience: select gender, region, age, interests.

– Based on the information and video clips received from Party A, Party B writes its own content, advertising form, and customizes the target audience for distribution in the most effective way.

– Tiktok’s minimum daily budget is from 200,000 VND or more.

Tiktok marketing agencies

Service fee 3 million/month :
– Budget running under 10 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 2 content

Service fee 3.5 million/month :
– Budget running 10 to 15 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 4.5 million/month :
– Budget running 15 to 25 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 5.5 million/month :
– Budget running 25 to 35 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 4 content

Budget over 35 million will be charged a service fee of 15 % on running budget amount. In a month, write or change no more than 4 content.

For special industries please contact now.

After successfully registering tiktok shop, you receive email from TikTok sent to the email you just registered and  access the link in that email. Next, at the homepage interface, select  Start selling.

Tiktok marketing agencies

You verify information do your business at the Verify section Verify documents and upload documents as directed.

Tiktok marketing agencies

You select the item Tax ID and declare your tax code.

Tiktok marketing agencies

Brand Effects: Ads will appear as branded tags, AR filters, or prisms for users to attach to their videos.

Tiktok marketing agencies

Ad does not secure sensitive customer information

It is invaluable to ensure the security of all customer information, especially sensitive information. equally important. Just letting you leak a few small pieces of information is enough to create opportunities for bad guys to harm customers. Some information needs to be kept confidential for customers such as:

  • Personal identity.
  • Identify personal information
  • Financial or insurance factors.
  • Health, medical, biometric information

Tiktok marketing agencies

How to sell on TikTok effectively:</ span>

  • Step 1Choose the right product, based on the audience using TikTok, based on the update trend, you Please choose for yourself a suitable product to be able to do business on this platform such as food, cosmetics, decorative products, handmade, fashion,….
  • Step 2: Search potential customers. You need to attract a large number of followers for your account by following celebrity accounts, commenting on those accounts to arouse curiosity, filming trending clips to make your videos popular. excel, and be a great content creator, once you have engaging content, users will definitely follow you immediately.
  • Step 3: insert the hashtag characters so that when users search on TikTok with the right keywords you set, it will be easier to attract viewers. Or you can also insert songs that are trending on the market, then your account will attract a lot of followers.
  • Step 4: Don’t forget to share your clip on social platforms other social networks like facebook, instagram to attract more traffic to your page.

Tiktok marketing agencies

tiktok agency in Ho Chi Minh for what ?

  • You will have more clients .
  • You will sell more items .
  • You will profitable and more more time to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally you will experience the feeling of thigh shaking while enjoying coffee and  Answering customer queries  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles,  groping to edit ads.


Please rest assured business, Tiktok marketing agencies let us take care !

Effect of  tiktok marketing in Ho Chi Minh for ?

1/ Right time :

  • Three times look at the concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times drives the viewer’s buying urge to watch the ad.

2/ Correct object :

Target exactly what you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are people:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Having a moderate to high income who decides on family spending
  • A person who influences family, friends, relatives.

3/ Correct message :

My layout design shows the correct content tiktok agency in Ho Chi Minh, the right message. Do not spread gills.

See quote tiktok agency in Ho Chi Minh updated today:Tiktok marketing agencies

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