Tiktok marketing rates

Tiktok marketing rates
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See solution tiktok agency in Vietnam :

Increase Youtube views with Tiktok

Increase YouTube views on TikTok is a new way and bring very effective for your video on YouTube to increase more YouTube views quickly to find a source Real view for your Youtube video .

If you are an influencer or content creator , then you just need to be on  TikTok at the moment it can help you explode in popularity. Although TikTok is a new social network and is quite similar to Youtube in terms of features as a social network specializing in sharing short videos to create a trend, but TikTok has over a billion app downloads worldwide. Thus, you can see all TikTok users as potential audience or followers for us to be a useful tool for attracting to increase effective youtube views for your Youtube channel.

Tiktok marketing rates

Using TikTok to increase views for videos is a very new thing compared to the past when you could only find popular social media platforms like  Instagram, Facebook or other social platforms. Then in this article we will show you how to share more Youtube videos on Tiktok to earn more real Youtube views from natural users.

Ability to “Shoppertainment” – Convert viewer to human Buying for businesses makes Tiktok a sales channel not to be missed in 2023

The following article is compiled by the team of Single Latches About the overview of advertising types on Tiktok, focusing on answering 2 questions:

  • What is Tiktok Ads? What are the most effective forms currently available?
  • Tiktok Shop is popular, what is the type of business advertisement can refer?

Tiktok marketing rates

Consistency between ad and landing page

AllowedNot allowed
Promo TemplateProducts/brands in the ad and the landing page must match– The ad introduces the product/brand A but the landing page displays the product/brand B- The brand logo on the product in the ad template but no brand logo on product in landing page
CaptionCaption must be consistent with the image or video of the respective adCaption says “up to 50% off”, while the image says “up to 30% off”
Display name/app name– Display name is “VS” or “lotion” while display name on landing page is “lotion VS”- App name is “ABC” but The app name displayed on the landing page is “ABC-XYZ”– Display name is “ABC lotion” while product on landing page is “ABC shampoo” or “XYZ lotion”- App name is “ABC” ” but the app name displayed on the landing page is “XYZ”

Spend less advertising

Sorry there are 2 cases here:

• Case 1: Know that TikTok is a new potential customer market but are afraid to invest advertising budget to exploit.

• Case 2: Spend money to run ads but spend money in a trickle.

In case 1 does not mention much, in case 2 you will often: Spend too low a day budget, or see that the ad is not effective, then turn off the campaign go for fear of spending money.

Don’t be like that, because:

• Ads need a large enough budget to deliver to their target audience.

• And ads also take time to find your target audience.

So don’t waste your money and then affect the ad performance. In addition, for those of you who do not intend to invest in TikTok advertising, it is completely possible to consider further and choose an appropriate time.

tiktok agency in Vietnam for what ?

  • You will have more clients .
  • You will sell more items .
  • You will profitable and more more time to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally you will experience the feeling of thigh shaking while enjoying coffee and  Answering customer queries  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles,  groping to edit ads.


Please rest assured business, Tiktok marketing rates let us take care !

Effect of  Tiktok Ads rates for ?

1/ Right time :

  • Three times look at the concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times drives the viewer’s buying urge to watch the ad.

2/ Correct object :

Target exactly what you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are people:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Having a moderate to high income who decides on family spending
  • A person who influences family, friends, relatives.

3/ Correct message :

My layout design shows the correct content tiktok agency in Vietnam, the right message. Do not spread gills.

Advertisement template and QR code

AllowedNot allowed
– QR code on product packaging- QR codes that cannot be scanned, including product barcodes–  QR codes that lead to third-party websites including social networking sites

TopView ad format:Is a new ad format based on the Brand Takeover format. The main difference is that the TopView ad format is displayed as a mid-page post instead of spontaneously popping in the window when accessing the app.

To Maximize Interaction with User Generated Content Ra

Branding Hashtag Contests: choose a branded hashtag and create a contest. Ads will appear on the discovery page and encourage users to create content for the contest.

To Encourage Interaction with the Selling Technical Approach Promotional Goods Or Indirect Personalization

Tiktok Ads rates cosmetics

Beauty is a special need after needs essentials such as eating, wearing. Along with young people becoming more and more interested in beauty,  skincare, so the need to know about a variety of cosmetics through learning videos and watching reviews on TikTok has a very high viewership.
It should be noted that in order to sell this item on TikTok you need to integrate image and audio content don’t overuse advertising too much.


  • Frequent beauty needs, throughout with products: lipstick, perfume, foundation, powder, cream, mask… 
  • Special products are always highly effective such as: acne medicine, melasma, skin whitening, …However, this specialty cosmetic product has many brands on the market today, the high competition requires you to know how to make your videos attractive and different. It will be easier to close the order.

Additional notes

You should invest in more landing page beautiful, outstanding, Full product information and as transparent as possible. Because cosmetics are products that affect people’s appearance, they tend to trust products that have all the relevant documents.

Now the video style can attract and sell well those are the video types before (before) using the product and after (after) using the product => shows the result.

Tiktok marketing rates

TikTok has just launched a new online monetization feature for users called TikTok Shop. Here, the sales units can display their items without attaching a link to the bio as before. As for customers, you will easily shop right on TikTok without switching to another commerce platform. In this article, I will guide you how to use TikTok Shop very simple on your phone !

Content calling for purchase too much will not be marketed on tiktok

  • Ads and landing pages should not encourage over-buying of items through slow payment services such as credit cards, loan financing and “buy now, pay later” services.
  • Ads and landing pages should not explicitly suggest or imply that “buy now, pay later” is a risk-free way to spend money.

Ads instructing consumers to pay with loans, credit cards or “buy now, pay later” services may be allowed if it is not prominent than other content displayed in the ad.

Latest TikTok advertising price list

TIKTOK ADVERTISING RUN (for normal industry)
Run by video, click to website.
Customer audience: select gender, region, age, interests.

– Based on the information and video clips received from Party A, Party B writes its own content, advertising form, and customizes the target audience for distribution in the most effective way.

– Tiktok’s minimum daily budget is from 200,000 VND or more.

Tiktok marketing rates

Service fee 3 million/month :
– Budget running under 10 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 2 content

Service fee 3.5 million/month :
– Budget running 10 to 15 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 4.5 million/month :
– Budget running 15 to 25 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 5.5 million/month :
– Budget running 25 to 35 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 4 content

Budget over 35 million will be charged a service fee of 15 % on running budget amount. In a month, write or change no more than 4 content.

For special industries please contact now.

Prohibited advertising content

Content promoting prohibited or restricted categories

Content violations Community Standards và Advertising Policy of TikTok

Military content

Negative content related to military or police symbols, sensitive military events, militarism, advocating or whitewashing war, illegal elements.

Discriminatory content

Content that contains hate speech against a protected group, individual, or organization based on race, ethnicity, national origin, inclination sex, gender identity, religion, age, family status, medical or genetic condition.

Ad content requirements

Ad Quality

  • Caption and ad text must not contain spelling or grammatical errors, cause an unexpected user experience, or use incorrect notation between letters. For example, “From” to “Rom” or use too much and showy like capitalization, space, numbers, symbols, or punctuation between letters,…
  • Ad images may not contain blurred, unrecognizable images or use watermarks to intentionally cover part of the image. Example: An ad image showing incomplete or illegible text.
  • Promotional images and videos must be legal and of high resolution quality.
  • Minimum 5s and maximum 60s of ad video length.
  • Promo videos must use standard sizes: Vertical (9:16), square (1: 1), and horizontal (16:9 ) .
  • Ads must contain audio and must not be of poor quality. For example, the sound is unclear or distorted.

How to link Youtube videos with Tiktok

With the restriction that links on TikTok posts are not really clickable. This means you are free to type or paste your YouTube video link into your TikTok post, but it will only appear as text.

So the best way for you to share Video or Youtube channel on Tiktok is that you write the content in the description, by the way we can copy and paste the link into the description or you build a content in the description you summarize the introduction about the name. youtube channel so that users on youtube can search for channels by keyword YouTube channel name.

Also on all social media platforms Other and like Tiktok all have the ability to set the Hashtag “#increase_view_youtube_effective” with this feature you can manually set the hashtags to represent your own on the Tiktok platform to help you increase Youtube views more effectively.

How to verify documents to register Tiktok Shop 

Next to verify your account and be able to use Tiktok Shop features, click “Download” document” in the document verification section.

Tiktok marketing rates

Next you click on “Individual owned business” owned” if you want to create a personal Tiktok Shop that you manage and not of any company. Conversely, if you create an account for a company, select the “Company” section.

Tiktok marketing rates

In case you choose “Individual owned business” ”, the Personal Information Verification section, the system will leave the Identification Type as “Identity Card” and “Passport”. If you select “Company”, the lower part of the system will ask you to upload “Company Registration Documents”.

After you complete the information, click Submit to Tiktok browse profiles. After 24 hours, if your profile is valid, Tiktok will send a notification. At that time, the features of Tiktok Shop will be displayed on your Tiktok channel and you can start adding products to the store.

Also you can add multiple Tiktok accounts different from the role of Marketing to facilitate work management. The Marketing role will not be able to add products to the store, but other features can be viewed and managed normally. When there is an order on Tiktok Shop, the seller will prepare to close the goods and confirm with the shipping unit. The main partner of Tiktok is J&T Express, you need to be aware of this. 

Promo TikTok for restricted, prohibited content

You are running TikTok ads or just set up a campaign on TikTok, you will immediately receive a notification that: “Your ad account is not moderated or disabled”. This may stem from the content you’re advertising that violates content that TikTok restricts or prohibits. Maybe with this case happening the first time, TikTok only prompts, “flag” your account, but if you still intentionally run this promotional content the next time, your account will be disabled. .

Some prohibited content on TikTok ads can be listed as follows:

  • Illegal activities or services that violate the law.
  • Content that violates social and community standards,
  • Use of explosives, unauthorized weapons, ammunition,,…
  • Use of drugs or prohibited stimulants such as drugs, grass, tobacco in ads.
  • Content containing political, legal, military,,…

Tiktok marketing rates

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