Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam
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Are you looking for Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam? Then look no further because we are the best place for you!

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How to sell effectively on Tiktok 

How to increase followers on Tiktok for free

Effective Tiktok advertising service

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Tiktok advertising policy

See solution tiktok agency in Vietnam :

Tiktok Shop FAQ

When registering to use Tiktok Shop, many users encounter many difficulties. To make it easier for you to gain more knowledge on this subject, ATP Software has compiled the most relevant and popular questions about  Tiktok Shop.

What is the “need” condition for the Channel to open the TikTok Shopping feature?

=> The necessary condition is to have Channel BA that has been active and followed over 10,000 followers.

How to manage a store on TikTok Shopping?

=> To manage product catalogs and orders, businesses must register an account on the TikTok Shop Seller Center (Similar to the e-commerce floor). This site allows sellers to upload products to their shop, edit and delete products, and view orders from their Shop.

How to pay and ship orders on tiktok shop?

=> Currently, there is no exact information about payment methods, it is likely that customers will have the option of payment methods, in which priority will be given to prepaid payments through online wallets, wire transfers, etc. Shipping is also available. Thus, there will be linked and integrated shipping units for customers and merchants to choose to ship.

TikTok Shop Seller Center can link multiple Shops (Shops on BA Channels are different) each other)?

=> Yes, at TikTok Shop Seller Center, sellers can add a list of their current Shops for general management. In addition, the marketing account (affiliate) is also linked here.

advertising content and landing page how to be accepted.

So knowing TikTok’s advertising policy is very important to help you avoid ad content violations and speed up progress. ads are delivered.

Tiktok Advertising Policy

To comply with different laws and cultures, some products and services will be classified differently. In TikTok, categories are classified into three groups:

Prohibited categories (content will be banned in all countries and regions)

  • Animals, animal parts or animal products (excluding animal products/services or promotional content) permitted animal adoption reports from NGOs, NPOs, etc..
  • Sex products, immoral publications, drugs, tools or services, and sexual activities for adults.
  • Casinos and gambling and betting activities.
  • Counterfeit, imitation and piracy.
  • Stimulants and doping devices.
  • Cigarette products, cigarettes, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes and smoking devices (including product images and onions) related to product use).
  • Illegal drugs, drugs on the controlled list; drugs and injecting equipment (including images of using these products),…
  • Police/military clothing and equipment: such as uniforms, handcuffs, batons, boots, or any accessory, device or item like that.
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives, including product images and product uses such as explosives, bombs, fireworks; guns and accessories; ammunition; pepper spray, or any similar self-defense weapon capable of causing personal danger or harm.
  • Inappropriate services, products, business types: Fraudulent, illegal products/services such as identity theft, information which individual; forge, forge documents; unfounded claims, false information; infringe intellectual property or other proprietary rights;…
  • Unacceptable business activities: Including abortion services; funeral services; hazardous chemical products; trading, transplanting, transplanting human organs; the opportunity to recruit models or influencers; prenatal sex determination; any other products or services that are controversial, offensive, violent or dangerous.

TikTok account balance is not enough to run ads

First, when setting up the campaign TikTok ads you need to check to make sure there is enough balance in your account. If the amount is within the allowable amount, then you can easily deploy the campaign and display the ad.

If your account balance is too small or non-existent, the campaign cannot be executed even though you have Complete setup, ensuring compliance with all advertising policies, is still not approved by TikTok

To top up your TikTok account to run ads, just go to  Payment => Select Deposit and see how much the minimum deposit is required to run ads, TikTok will ask differently from time to time.

Here are 8 reasons why TikTok ads are not running effectively that we want to send to you. Hopefully this article will help you deploy quality, always approved TikTok ads, especially to limit business risks and grow revenue. Good luck!

According to Search Engine Journal, now Google has indexed the content of videos on TikTok, thanks to that, users can search these videos easily. TikTok now has a business-specific version, allowing businesses large and small to develop promotional videos to target target customers. Another highlight is that in 2024 there will be more special features.

All these reasons are convincing enough for you to plan to develop a TikTok channel for your brand right away. yours yet? Here are 5 TikTok SEO strategies for your reference:

tiktok agency in Vietnam – To find the most effective ads

If you want to run long and stable ads on TikTok, you should apply testing  A/B technique . To be understood as advertising testing

Specifically: You can create several ad assets, and select a few client files pepper.

Then run a low-budget test to find the ad creative that people are most interested in, and the entire audience they are most interested in advertising.

Then combine the most engaging ad copy, with the most potential customers. You get the 2 essentials to ensure the effectiveness of your next TikTok ad campaign with a larger budget.

tiktok agency in Vietnam for what ?

  • You will have more clients .
  • You will sell more items .
  • You will profitable and more more time to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally you will experience the feeling of thigh shaking while enjoying coffee and  Answering customer queries  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles,  groping to edit ads.


Please rest assured business, Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam let us take care !

Effect of  tiktok marketing in Vietnam for ?

1/ Right time :

  • Three times look at the concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times drives the viewer’s buying urge to watch the ad.

2/ Correct object :

Target exactly what you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are people:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Having a moderate to high income who decides on family spending
  • A person who influences family, friends, relatives.

3/ Correct message :

My layout design shows the correct content tiktok agency in Vietnam, the right message. Do not spread gills.


Another mistake for those inexperienced Running ads on Tik Tok is the recognition that: Targeting skills determine all advertising effectiveness.

This is true but only partially true guys . Because currently, the quality of TikTok promotional video content also plays an extremely important role in advertising effectiveness

Not to mention other factors like: Quality landing page, trackability, main thing, ad optimization

Then if you target the exact target audience , you only have about 30-40% chance of success. The remaining 60 – 70% you need to optimize a series of other factors.

When the 80/100 converges, new friends advertising effectiveness can be guaranteed. So, the TikTok advertising experience here is: There are many factors that need to be optimized in parallel with targeting skills when running TikTok ads.

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Tiktok SEO

 If you don’t know how to go to TikTok on Google and how to do it trending TikTok, refer to the strategies below:

Use hashtag

Use hashtags similar to SEO keywords in your content. We all know how important keywords are in SEO. Similar to website SEO, if you use a lot of related keywords, your content will be more likely to be displayed and reach users.

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

On TikTok, use more trending hashtags to expand your reach. Also, put hashtags with long-tailed keywords to optimize your content. This is an effective but often overlooked TikTok SEO strategy.

tiktok marketing in Vietnam: Live Shopping Ads

Ads that allow users to watch Livestream and purchase products

Users can click to watch the company’s livestream via ads report, then decide to buy through this livestream.

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Ad does not secure sensitive customer information

It is invaluable to ensure the security of all customer information, especially sensitive information. equally important. Just letting you leak a few small pieces of information is enough to create opportunities for bad guys to harm customers. Some information needs to be kept confidential for customers such as:

  • Personal identity.
  • Identify personal information
  • Financial or insurance factors.
  • Health, medical, biometric information

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Reality proves that tiktok agency in Vietnam is the shortest path when tiktok marketing in Vietnam Closing Orders will bring big revenue

Overview of 4 basic Tiktok Ads types

Tiktok: In-Feed Ads

In-feed ads is display-personalized ads in the “For You” section of the site’s news feed, where the video will bring the content closest to the viewer’s interaction needs.

Features of this ad:

Length from 5 – 60 seconds, vertical view Full screen with sound.

Optimize depending on purpose: Words create awareness to calling to download the app, such as buy now, download the app now, visit the business website! The advantage of this form is that the cost is quite good, easy to apply for brands with small budgets.

Have automatic algorithms for delivering videos to people use and manage your advertising campaigns.
Usually In-feed ads can be divided into 2 main types: Direct native ad – Used to increase views and interact with similar videos of the brand on Tiktok and Direct diversion ad – Navigate to the home page of the business.

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

TopView ad format:Is a new ad format based on the Brand Takeover format. The main difference is that the TopView ad format is displayed as a mid-page post instead of spontaneously popping in the window when accessing the app.

To Maximize Interaction with User Generated Content Ra

Branding Hashtag Contests: choose a branded hashtag and create a contest. Ads will appear on the discovery page and encourage users to create content for the contest.

To Encourage Interaction with the Selling Technical Approach Promotional Goods Or Indirect Personalization

Which product to choose when selling on Tiktok?

If you are a regular user and knowledgeable about TikTok social network, you will find that on TikTok divided into 2 main objects: the first is students, students aged 14-23, often like and easily pay attention to small and beautiful products, cosmetics, clothes, decorations, trend-following products… have low prices. The second audience is the wives and mothers with milk diapers aged 24-35, often prefer products related to family, home, children…

More specifically, so that buyers can decide quickly When making a purchase, sellers on TikTok need to offer product prices ranging from 200,000 to 300,000 VND.

Based on analysis of objects For your target audience, you need to choose the right sales products on TikTok to bring about breakthrough profits as follows:

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Content tiktok marketing in Vietnam is forbidden

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

  • Political ads: Prohibit ads that mention, recommend/opposite candidates, leaders, parties, or show support/ against taking a stance on a political issue.
  • Covid-19 related products: including medical masks, hand sanitizer, respirators, COVID-19 testing kits- 19,…
  • Milk-related products: Breast milk substitutes, formula, complementary foods for infants under 24 months of age, feeding bottles and pacifier.
  • Some industries banned in Vietnam: Surgery and beauty services; Cream products, drugs, weight loss foods; Toxic chemicals, chemical fertilizers or pesticides; Collectible coins; The movie has a rating of R21 (only for people 21 and older); Some financial services such as cryptocurrencies, P2P loans, venture funds and futures contracts; Hormone related products & gynecology;…


Price list of tiktok services

Service marketing on tiktok

Online marketing services

Online advertising price list

Latest TikTok advertising price list

TIKTOK ADVERTISING RUN (for normal industry)
Run by video, click to website.
Customer audience: select gender, region, age, interests.

– Based on the information and video clips received from Party A, Party B writes its own content, advertising form, and customizes the target audience for distribution in the most effective way.

– Tiktok’s minimum daily budget is from 200,000 VND or more.

Tiktok top marketing agency in Vietnam

Service fee 3 million/month :
– Budget running under 10 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 2 content

Service fee 3.5 million/month :
– Budget running 10 to 15 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 4.5 million/month :
– Budget running 15 to 25 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 5.5 million/month :
– Budget running 25 to 35 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 4 content

Budget over 35 million will be charged a service fee of 15 % on running budget amount. In a month, write or change no more than 4 content.

For special industries please contact now.

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