Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Vietnam Youtube ads agency
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Are you looking for Vietnam Youtube ads agency? Look no further because we are the best place for you!

We affirm that our Youtube advertising and marketing service will help your brand be widely known at the lowest cost.

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Vietnam Youtube ads agency Package 3 million/month

  • Viewers under 5 seconds : about 63,000 people
  • Viewers over 15 seconds: over 18,000 people
  • Number of people clicking on the link: about 18,000 people
  • Select gender, region, age, interest, device, delivery time

View details full latest price list :

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh appears in Youtube Videos

This type of ad inserts into video clips the user is watching and can usually be skipped after 5 seconds. This is the TrueView in stream ads form. Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh this only pays when viewers watch until the 30th second. This type of advertisement usually has no limit on the length of the promotional clip. You can point the link to the website when the user clicks on the ad.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

In this form, there will be 2 more types of ads: In Stream Non-skippable (ads appear on Youtube and pages of the Diplay system). of Google with ad support) and In Stream Preroll Ads (not only appearing on youtube but also on Embed video pages from youtube, ie sites that embed Youtube into other web to play). One feature of both these ad types is that the promotional video will be played by default and cannot be skipped.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

• Meet Youtube Ads goals, flexible, low risk.

• Optimize cost, bid, save budget.

• Limit the frequency of appearance and number of impressions.

• Easy to test and measure good channel.

• Advanced targeting: Allows exclusion of unrelated products/or services. 

YouTuBe video ad metrics

Once the ad campaign is launched, you must continuously monitor its performance , some important metrics you must grasp carefully when running youtube ads are:

• Impression: Only one impression is counted per ad serving.

• Views: All ad views longer than 10 seconds will count towards channel views.

• View rate: Shows the percentage of viewers who decided to interact with the video ad.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

• Average CPV cost: Amount paid to someone to see the ad.

• Views Earned: When someone sees an ad, watches another YouTube video within 7 days.

If you want a successful campaign, you can’t ignore the metrics on your Youtube channel.

Practically proven marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh is the shortest path when Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh Closing Orders will bring you high revenue


YouTube Ads with GDN (Google Display Network)

GDN is actually a form of advertising by placing banners or text on websites registered with Google . Youtube is a website of Google and you can use this ad to place banners on videos. The maximum duration of a banner is 30 seconds per appearance.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Although there is no official, specific pricing for ads displayed on YouTube, you Some of the average fees WE will list below by campaign objective types can be found below:

Campaign objectiveDisplay platformAd formatPrice/
Raise brand awareness to reach usersYouTube video, Google display social network (GDN)– In-stream
– Bumper ads
Considering about products and servicesYouTube video, Google Display network (GDN)– In-stream
– Video discovery
ShoppingYouTube videoIn-stream50đ-150đ1600đ-3300đ
Go to websiteYouTube videoIn-stream100đ-200đ1500đ-3000đ
ConvertYouTube videoIn-streamNo
YouTube ad costs relative to campaign goals

YouTube Ads Quotation


Please focus on selling, marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh let us take care of it!

How to add a payment method to advertise Youtube

To be able to run Youtube video ads, you must meet all 3 requirements:

  • Have a Google/Youtube account
  • International payment cards (Mastercard, Visa,…)
  • Video needs advertising

Compare the differences between Youtube SEO and Google SEO

Google SEO takes longer than Youtube SEO

Youtube when implemented with the right SEO strategy will bring results much faster, specifically your video You can be ranked within 24 – 48 hours after posting. If your video performs well with high engagement on the first day, chances are it will still do well after that.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

On the contrary, Google SEO is completely different, you can hardly rank the first page of Google on the first day of publication. article version. Instead, the top SEO results in Google will take 3 to 6 months, and sometimes a whole year. Thus, Google SEO is a long way to seeing results.

In a nutshell: For Youtube it will take the first 24 hours to determine how well the video will perform in the long run. . As for Google, the first year determines how the site performs in the long run.

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh shown on Youtube

This is a form of Youtube advertising consisting of 4 forms with different methods :

True View In Display on watch page : This allows your ad to appear to the right of the video that user marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh  is viewing. You will pay ads if a user clicks on your ad.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

True View In Display on search page : This is the form if customers search on the search item will give results search at the top is your ad

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Standard Display: This is a banner ad, your banner ad will appear to the right of the video. that customers are accessing, and just like in the first form, you only pay if a user clicks on your banner ad and will visit the website link you specified.

Advantages and disadvantages of Youtube SEO and Google SEO

Advantages of Youtube SEO

  • In fact, YouTube SEO is very simple in nature, everything happens quickly through creating channels and uploading certain videos, ending Optimize a number of factors to meet Youtube’s ranking factors. If possible, combining  YouTube ads  to increase accessibility to viewers is also a good option.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

  • The level of competition between you and your competitors is not as fierce as with Google or other social networking platforms. For those who have a website, this is considered an opportunity for you to exploit more user traffic sources from Youtube videos. As well as improving brand awareness and video engagement.
  • The video optimization process is faster, specifically you only need to care about  keywords, title and  description. The most important thing is that the content your video conveys must be really valuable to the people searching for it.

YouTube advertising optimization service

Once you know how much a Youtube ad costs, you need to know how to optimize the effectiveness and budget for it. running Ads. If you do not know how to do it, please contact the advertising agency Close the Order for advice.

Before deploying your ad, you must understand your campaign budget and duration. Divide the total budget by the time of advertising to get the budget for running Ads every day.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh GDN (Google Display Network)

This is a form of text banner ads on pages registered with Google, including Youtube to advertise your brand. The ad is placed on the location of the Google Diplay Network and the maximum appearance time for this type of ad is 30 seconds.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Benefits of using our  Vietnam Youtube ads agency :

  • You will have more clients.
  • You’ll sell more items.
  • You will profitable and long time than to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally  you will experience the feeling of fluttering your thighs enjoying coffee and reply consulting for customers  rather than having to plug into the computer to worry about writing articles, going here and there to find new content to make video clips.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh to increase YouTube watch time by 4,000 hours

(For a Youtube channel to make money, it must satisfy the following conditions:    the channel needs to have at least 4,000 watch hours in the last 12 months and 1,000 subscribers Want check the number of hours watching the channel and the number of people who follow our channel this link.

  • Price 3 million 4000 channel watch hours: for channels with videos longer than 2 hours
  • If your channel is less than 4,000 hours then you need to use this package so your channel will have total time Watch time over 4,000 hours and enable monetization. And to increase efficiency, your channel must have at least 7 video clips with a length of over 15 minutes.

And when your channel has a lot of viewers, every video you upload to your channel remember to write a description with Include a link to your website for people to access.

Product Introduction Models for Hire

  • Rental actors (20-100 million)
  • Singer rental (20-100 million)
  • Model rental (20-100 million)
  • PG rental (1 million/4 hours)
  • To introduce product reviews
  • Price depends on popularity

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh by recording a video clip and uploading it to Youtube

Package cost 6 million/8 hours

  • 1 master + 1 assistant
  • Sound + light
  • Incoming filming in HCMC, if you go to another province, there will be an additional charge
  • Slight surcharge if traveling to another province
  • Recording time : 8 hours
  • Record products, events, showcase…
  • After editing, I will send 2 versions
  • 1 shortened version and 1 full version

Besides design standard SEO website to attract customers,  Youtube advertising is gradually becoming a new trend in tools. Modern advertising today. According to statistics, every day more than 4 billion videos are watched. This shows that YouTube’s reach is even larger than Facebook’s. That is also the reason why many people are rushing to advertise on this “biggest TV channel in the world”. However, not everyone knows how to advertise Youtube to increasing views effectively and achieve the desired results.

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

Is your channel conversion likely? Did you embed the video in the article?

Not only that, your channel shows credibility through subscribers, views and views comment as well as the time of channel establishment.

High or low share

If a video has quality content, it will be shared by many viewers on current social networking sites now.

Interaction of accounts

To see if the video has a high interaction rate, you can evaluate it through factors like:

  • Are viewers responding to your videos?
  • Does the like rate have a lot?
  • Compare video likes and dislikes
  • Are there many comments? Positive or negative comments?
  • Number of registered accounts who like to watch your videos?

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh to increase Youtube channel followers
Increase Youtube Subscribers or Youtube Followers
Price of 5 million : Over 3,000 followers
Growth speed: about 30 to 150 followers/day

Youtube Ads in Ho Chi Minh by SEO Youtube channel

Youtube channel SEO increase sales and brand
Basic SEO : 5,000,000 Vnd / month
✅Number of video clips published : 26 videos
✅The number of channel subscribers will increase : 500 subscribers / followers
✅ Number of keyword phrases SEO : 26
✅ Number of keyword phrases that will go to the top of Google : at least 3 keyword phrases appear on 1 of the first 3 pages of Google search or Google image search or video search on Google or YouTube video search. Usually, the number of keywords to the top will be more, and there will be no costs and backlinks to the website.

Double SEO : 7,000,000 Vnd / month
✅Number of video clips published : 52 videos
✅The number of channel subscribers will increase : 1,000 subscribers / followers
✅ Number of keyword phrases SEO : 52
✅Number of keyword phrases that will go to the top of Google : at least 6 keyword phrases appear on 1 of the first 3 pages of Google search or Google image search or video search on Google or YouTube video search. Usually, the number of keywords to the top will be more, and there will be no costs and backlinks to the website

See price list marketing agency in Ho Chi Minh updated today:

Vietnam Youtube ads agency

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