Vietnam Zalo marketing agency

Vietnam Zalo marketing agency
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You need Vietnam Zalo marketing agency to increase customers and increase sales? Zalo marketing let us take care!

Generate effective interactions and orders for everyone

Vietnam Zalo marketing agency

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See details of the latest price list:

Restrict deep targeting

The standard targeting from the beginning will be a factor that helps you not only optimize when running Zalo ads. With Facebook, the closer the target is to the target audience, the more “standard”, through demographic characteristics, location, interests, behavior, device used, relationships, … However, , compared with Zalo should not target so deeply, for 2 main reasons:

  • Firstly, the Zalo Ads system has not yet allowed to target so many features.
  • Second, the way Facebook and Zalo calculate money is completely different

+ With Facebook, the platform will calculate according to CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions – price per 1000 impressions), your ads are displayed for a fee, you have to recharge the card immediately to continue, so target Standards will help you optimize your budget.

+ With Zalo, the calculation is completely opposite: Currently, Zalo calculates according to CPC (charges per click), CPA (charges per contact). Every click you will lose money and unlimited impressions.

When Zalo Ads in Ho Chi Minh forms on this website, you must ensure that:

  • Web must have enough information about products, services, policies, shipping,…
  • Product or business introduction video.
  • Install Google Analytics tool to measure advertising campaigns, track customers.
  • Full of functions such as call button, registration for consultation so that customers can easily contact.
  • Set up online chat with customers.
  • Test various website templates to see which works best.

Businesses should use the form of Website advertising when they want to increase visits to the website to leave advice and initiate purchase orders. Or there is a need to increase traffic to mobile applications to increase app download rates. Some industries should apply this form of advertising such as fashion, children’s clothing, cosmetics, banking…

The reason for choosing Close Order as a partner

Full service

Coming to Closing Orders, you will be able to use effective solutions on the 4.0 technology platform

Your goal is our goal

Customers are family at Closing Orders. Customer’s success is our success

Fits all budgets

We will build a plan to fit any of your budgets. Flexible changes over time

Financial transparency

All campaigns are financially transparent. The budget will show up in real time

Clear periodic reports

We report periodic performance, analyze campaigns and advise on timely solutions.

Many online marketing companies were born that have provided solutions for many businesses. As the Internet is growing, the habits of users are also changing. They read more information, they buy more online. 7 secret shortcuts in Vietnam Zalo marketing agency. LEARN now to make everything easier

Therefore, to reach closer to consumers, businesses must have a strong online marketing department.

The effect of  Zalo Ads in Ho Chi Minh brings ?

1/ Right on time:

  • Look 3 times to have a concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times is promoting the buying and viewing needs of ad viewers.

2/ Right object:

Target the right audience you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are those who:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Has a moderate to high income, is the one who decides on the family expenses
  • An influence on family, friends, relatives.

3/ Right message:

My layout design shows the right content Zalo agency in Vietnam, the right message. Do not spread.

Some common ways to interact well with potential customers:

  • Make a list of 100 – 500 loyal customer profiles (VIP) and put them in the Google Sheet file (Preference is to choose friends, relatives, old customers or former community group members)
  • Interact by liking members’ posts
  • Comment, compliment enthusiastically on a post of all accounts in the list
  • Send friend invitations
  • Bring new friends and friends list for easy advice and care
  • After a few days, start posting articles that stimulate the needs of the customer group
  • Zalo agency in Vietnam – Do not erode the value of your shop. Put Zalo Ads in Ho Chi Minh and you have found the right place with the number 1 quality reputation in Vietnam.

Need too many hints

The fact is that you can only choose one name for your store, and when there are too many suggestions you will skip many good names, or get stuck in a deadlock that you do not know how to choose a name like how suitable.

So you should only refer to certain subjects, and only choose when you feel that it is suitable for you, but do not forget to consult your friends. Sometimes, personal perception can lead to erroneous results. Make sure you have enough sanity to choose a suitable, poetic, attractive name.

  • The ability to reach a strong customer data set: In addition to using support from Zalo Ads, managing Zalo ads on phones, you can also search for customers naturally through through building Official Account store, Zalo Shop, …

Zalo ads run for hire

Run form lead form (fill out form)

Price 2,000,000 VND/month:
– Budget running under 8,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 2 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 3,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 10,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 3 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 4,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 5 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 6,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 25,000,000 VND to 50,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 8 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

General information:

  • Create a free Zalo Official Account page
  • Customer: select region, age, gender
  • Select the link to access when clicking on Ads

Content Message

A communication message is something that a communication manager wants to convey to the target audience for the purpose of providing information, attracting attention, changing perceptions, emotions, behavior, or maintaining a maintain. Build loyalty of old customers.
Communication messages are coded through illustrative elements such as images, colors, sounds or words… in order to capture the target audience and promote interaction.
When designing communication messages, the first thing you need to pay attention to is to determine who is the target audience that the business wants to target? From there to search, discover the customer’s Insight to design communication messages capable of spreading widely.

  • Language: short, easy to remember message. You should use words that are easy for the reader to understand. Especially for some specific industries such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., should avoid using specialized terms.
  • In terms of images: Images need to ensure quality and size according to the standard requirements that Zalo sets. Regarding the image content, it is necessary to consider the arrangement of the layout. choosing the scene and especially the human image must be suitable for the product, positioning both the business as well as the target audience.
  • In terms of color: Not only is it required to be eye-catching and attract viewers, but the colors used also need to be consistent with the brand’s identity, highlight the logo.
  • Audio: This is a very important factor, as well as a key, especially when your business uses video advertising. First, instead of text, the reader can be used, so you need to pay attention to the tone of the reader’s voice. Besides, the background music element cannot be ignored.

Personalize messages for each target group Zalo agency in Vietnam

For each different group of Zalo agency in Vietnam subjects, there will be clear differences in psychology, preferences, behavior, shopping habits and media usage. Therefore, when making ads, you should divide into groups of target audiences with similar characteristics to make ads.

For example, when your business operates in the field of cosmetics, instead of choosing the same female target group between the ages of 18-30, you can divide it into 2 groups:

  • Group 1: Female 18-22 years old. Most of them are students, so they prioritize affordable cosmetic products, can run special programs at the beginning of the school year, experience at school…
  • Group 2: Female fourth 23-30 years old. They are people who have worked and have income. This group will demand higher quality products and they are also willing to spend more on beauty product categories.

At the same time, instead of dividing the target audience Zalo agency in Vietnam by age, you can also divide by location, geographic area, psychology, and user preferences. Eg:

  • With group 1: you should do advertising that strongly affects the price factor, incentive programs or the selection of KOLs should choose people with strong affect young people.
  • For group 2: Advertising content should prioritize clarifying product quality and choosing a successful woman to represent the brand with work but still beautiful.

In terms of interests, you should consider more about the utilities around the project, from which you will find out the relationships with each other.

Vietnam Zalo marketing agency

Identify the exact ad Target group according to specific characteristics

How to increase Zalo interaction?

  • With Zalo Page, you can update the status several times a day (up to 50 statuses), but only the first status will appear on the logs of all interested users. Remember, take care of the first state of the day.
  • Zalo Page can interact with users through private messages to people interested in the page.

Running Zalo Ads

You can access Zalo Ads, which is a self-serving ads system, helping businesses and store owners to actively create and optimize advertising campaigns.

Vietnam Zalo marketing agency

Ads help sell on Zalo effectively

Currently, Zalo Ads supports 3 different forms of advertising: Advertising on Zalo Official Account (helps promote the shop brand and increase interaction for the OA page), website advertising on Zalo (from Zalo platform will introduce customers to customers). products to your sales website), advertise products on Zalo (promote shop, reach potential users on Zalo).

Zalo agency in Vietnam for what?

  • You will have more customers.
  • You will sell more products.
  • You will have profits and more time to reinvest in something else.
  • In the end, you will experience the feeling of shaking your thighs enjoying coffee and answering customer service consultations  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles, groping around to edit ads..


Please rest assured to do business,  Vietnam Zalo marketing agency let us take care of it !

Reality proves that Zalo agency in Vietnam is the shortest way when Zalo Ads in Ho Chi Minh with the company Closing Orders will bring good revenue

Active news

Includes 2 types:

– A type of message that allows OA accounts to actively send messages to users who are interested in OA.

– OA account actively sends ZNS (Zalo Notification Service is a service that sends customer care notifications via API to phone numbers using Zalo) – refer to here

Only authenticated OA Accounts are allowed to use this type of message. Authenticated OA accounts will have a limit of 1000 free stories per month (set at 00:00 on the 1st of the month).

When the active message limit is used up:

Authenticated OA accounts will not be able to send messages to interested people. To continue sending messages, OA needs to top up the account

Zalo advertisement template

Here is an example Zalo ad:

Vietnam Zalo marketing agencyVietnam Zalo marketing agencyVietnam Zalo marketing agencyVietnam Zalo marketing agencyVietnam Zalo marketing agencyVietnam Zalo marketing agency

When more people know about your business will:

– Increase sales by 2x 3x or more from online marketing campaigns.
– Popularizing corporate brand all over the world.
– The cost is suitable for all businesses regardless of size.
– Save time compared to traditional Marketing campaigns.

Coming to Closing Orders, you will have a marketing system with clear effective strategies such as: SEO – SEM services, Email – SMS Marketing, Youtube Marketing, Social media, … everything will be automated. right on your website. 9 Ways to Break Out Zalo Ads in Ho Chi Minh. Don’t hesitate to try it now Vietnam Zalo marketing agency

Advertising Zalo package

Run the link to the website or Zalo OA

  • Promotional period is calculated as 1 month or calculated according to the number of commitments below whichever comes first. The price above the selected age range is not too narrow and the selected area must have Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi province, if the ad distribution area does not choose Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the price will increase by 20%.
  • Target customers: Choose 3 conditions: Region, gender, age
  • Create a page Zalo Page – Official Account and advertise on this page, hand over the page admin rights
  • Zalo Page for customers.
  • Uploading products to Zalo Page will cost a fee according to Zalo’s regulations
  • Advertising fee is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad

If using package 4,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 187,733 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,200 clicks on your ad.

If using package 5,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 258.133 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,450 clicks on your ad.

If using package 6,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 309.759 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,800 clicks on your ad.

If using package 8,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 341.333 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,133 clicks on your ad.

If using package 10,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 426.667 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,666 clicks on your ad.

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