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Zalo advertising agency
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You need Zalo advertising agency to increase customers and increase sales? Zalo marketing let us take care!

Generate effective interactions and orders for everyone

Zalo advertising agency

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See details of the latest price list:

Zalo ads run for hire

Run form lead form (fill out form)

Price 2,000,000 VND/month:
– Budget running under 8,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 2 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 3,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 10,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 3 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 4,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 5 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 6,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 25,000,000 VND to 50,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 8 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

General information:

  • Create a free Zalo Official Account page
  • Customer: select region, age, gender
  • Select the link to access when clicking on Ads

How to handle zalo ads without deduction

After finding the cause of the problem of Zalo ads not biting money, you can refer to the following solutions:

  • Increasing bid price

If the bidding price is too low to make Zalo ADS not bite money, you should adjust the bid price to be higher than the competition. With the minimum bid input there is a caveat that you should stay at the level recommended by Zalo for the ad to be delivered.
However, if your ad has reasonable content and quality images, it will still deliver despite the low BID price.

Zalo advertising agency

Find out the reason why Zalo ADS doesn’t bite money to come up with the optimal method to increase sales

Measurement & report

Track ad campaign details to measure the effectiveness of running forms. The agency evaluates data from Zalo Ads and offers a suitable strategy for partners. We will make periodic reports to customers, control the effectiveness, learn from experience, expand and complete the campaign.

Each Zalo account is associated with a customer phone number, so collecting the phone number of the customer file is one of the ways to reach the right potential customers. Time is like an eraser that erases all the love that Zalo agency brings to this world. People have to lose it to understand what to cherish. You can get people’s phone numbers through fairs, activities such as minigames, Giveaways, free brochures, promotions… Taking advantage of phone numbers and making friends on Zalo will help you more convenient in product advertising and customer care via Zalo. Besides, if you know how to build profile content, personal brand as mentioned above, closing the order is extremely simple, even without having to pay phone charges.

Another way to find friends with target customers is to join groups, Zalo groups, forums with the same topic.

Example: If you are a mother and baby business, you can participate in shows. groups, groups to share experiences of raising children, groups for mothers. Similarly, if you sell cosmetics, it will be easier to reach customers if you are “located” in groups that love beauty, share skin care experiences, learn makeup.

When your profile has reached more than 1000 friends, this is when you can sell effectively.

Reality proves that Zalo advertising is the shortest way when Zalo agency with the company Closing Orders will bring good revenue

Zalo agency by phone number

Step 1: Post the customer file to the Zalo Ads system

+ Login to your Zalo Ads account

+ At the management screen, in the upper right corner select Ad object group

+ Select Upload phone number list

+ In the section Upload phone number list, you upload the customer phone number list

+ Select Save to confirm the creation of a new customer phone number list

Note valid customer phone number file when running Zalo ads must

The file includes at least 1,000 phone numbers

  • The phone number list file has a valid extension of .txt
  • Valid phone number format 098xx
  • Size of the list < 2MB
  • That phone number must be using Zalo and applications of the Zalo Group ecosystem.

Step 2: Zalo agency with phone number file

+ In the management interface, select Create campaign, then you choose the form of advertising that suits your goals.

+ In the Saved Audience Group, you select the group of objects you want to reach

Step 3: Then you set the appropriate parameters for your ad

Step 4: Create content for the ad

Step 5: Click Save

This step is to Save the ad to submit for review and once the ad is approved you can start running your ad reaching the desired customer phone number file.

Thus, with just an existing customer phone number file with the same basic steps as in this article, you can market your products/services thanks to the Zalo Ads platform, wish you success with advertising. fox Zalo! To get support for issues related to Zalo Ads, you can contact us The Order Closing Company – Top 5 Zalo Premium Partners.

Creating Quality Content

Building quality content not only helps you increase the number of new customers, but also builds the best loyal customer file. It will be a pity if you have spent a lot of effort to get customers to visit your Zalo OA, but just because the content of the post does not bring much useful information, the customers come out and do not click the interested button. So what is a quality content like? It is best to find the content that customers are interested in and then create attractive posts that bring a lot of value. Investing in content does not bring immediate results, but this is a long-term, slow but sure and sustainable direction.

Learn from Zalo advertising, give yourself a fresh start with Zalo agency. With enough faith and courage, Zalo advertising agency will always be with you.

The effect of  Zalo agency brings ?

1/ Right on time:

  • Look 3 times to have a concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times is promoting the buying and viewing needs of ad viewers.

2/ Right object:

Target the right audience you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are those who:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Has a moderate to high income, is the one who decides on the family expenses
  • An influence on family, friends, relatives.

3/ Right message:

My layout design shows the right content Zalo advertising, the right message. Do not spread.

Zalo advertising agency

Building a reputable brand

Selling online on Zalo is very necessary to build a reputable shop brand. The more shops that sell quality products, reasonable prices, and thoughtful customer consultations, the more opportunities they have to close more orders and expand their customer base. Building a reputable brand is an effective way to sell on Zalo you should not ignore. With customer complaints, the shop needs to deal with them in a reasonable and reasonable manner, ensuring the satisfactory interests of the buyer.

LATEST news about Zalo advertising. Is It True As The Rumor? Or are we “falling into the trap” of Zalo advertising agency. Please click search Zalo agency for more details. Please promote your Zalo shop brand on all channels that you can communicate such as Facebook, Website, Email marketing so that customers know and click the interested button, follow your shop. From there, product marketing activities, introducing promotions of the shop will also reach more customers, increasing orders for the shop.

Zalo advertising agency has enough resources to serve a wide range of customers

Medium and large specialized companies capable of serving a wide range of customers.

If a service has a small number of specialized personnel, they cannot afford to take on many projects. Therefore, they will focus on projects with large budgets. In other words, the customers of this group are “well-off” companies.

However, the number of small and medium enterprises in Vietnam accounts for 98.1% (results of the economic census in 2022). Thus to serve this object include:

Individuals and groups do freelance Online Marketing, not companies. When cooperating with this type, you take more risks, rarely have legal guarantees, no professional workflow. And that’s why sometimes you’ll come across surprisingly cheap prices!

Professional Online Marketing Company: by focusing on a single service, a company with about 50 employees or more has enough financial and human resources to serve many client companies, including companies have a small budget. Discover ways to make money with Zalo advertising agency. Completely free and no ads Zalo agency

Please note, companies that provide a single service but are small in size are not necessarily specialized, they just do not have the financial and resources to expand many services. As for large companies, their business strategy is really specialization.

Zalo advertising for what?

  • You will have more customers.
  • You will sell more products.
  • You will have profits and more time to reinvest in something else.
  • In the end, you will experience the feeling of shaking your thighs enjoying coffee and answering customer service consultations  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles, groping around to edit ads..


Please rest assured to do business,  Zalo advertising agency let us take care of it !

Marketing personal Zalo through other channels

What is a cost-saving solution to promote products that shop owners often use?

Most Vietnamese customers who use Zalo often use Facebook, Instagram, Email, etc. The value in each Zalo agency is confirmed by the quality and prestige of the Zalo advertising brand. Grab Zalo advertising agency today, instead of just advertising and branding on Zalo, you can combine multi-channel Marketing to cut advertising costs and promptly capture customer information.

To do this, you need to share your personal Zalo account on other social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram or personal website. Or you can make friends through user location updates to continue advertising on other social networking sites.

Smart Targeting

Why should you know smart targeting? Zalo is a smart platform when it will classify users by age, gender, … when you advertise on Zalo, the ad will choose the right audience for the target customer that you target in the advertising content. . Social network users will be monitored and recorded behaviors, including exchanges to complete more profiles on Zalo. This is a newly updated feature of Zalo advertising with the goal of increasing advertising efficiency for businesses.

Free Zalo ads

For new business owners, investing in running effective Zalo ads is essential. Many people have applied the methods of “self-reliance” to invest in raising zalo page with 0 dong. The two main forms used are running internal and external Zalo page ads. If you want to be free, you have to do it yourself, and manually message your customers continuously.

Advertisement on Zalo page inside like: invite friends in Zalo Like page list or introduce share page to friends. This method is done manually and requires a lot of time because on average, you can only send 20 invitations to like the page a day to the people around you. The ultimate goal is also to increase the number of people interested on Zalo page.

Advertising Zalo page outside in many different ways such as scanning QR codes to create favorable conditions for zalo accounts to access your page quickly . The method of optimizing keywords on Zalo or sharing Zalo links on other sales channels on Facebook, trading forums, forums are also fully exploited to serve the purpose of “buying customers” of shop owners.

The effective methods of running Zalo ads above are simple and easy to implement, but bring about instant results, requiring a lot of time and effort. Many business owners have flexibly invested more budget to implement effective advertising services on Zalo.

Advertising Zalo package

Run the link to the website or Zalo OA

  • Promotional period is calculated as 1 month or calculated according to the number of commitments below whichever comes first. The price above the selected age range is not too narrow and the selected area must have Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi province, if the ad distribution area does not choose Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the price will increase by 20%.
  • Target customers: Choose 3 conditions: Region, gender, age
  • Create a page Zalo Page – Official Account and advertise on this page, hand over the page admin rights
  • Zalo Page for customers.
  • Uploading products to Zalo Page will cost a fee according to Zalo’s regulations
  • Advertising fee is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad

If using package 4,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 187,733 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,200 clicks on your ad.

If using package 5,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 258.133 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,450 clicks on your ad.

If using package 6,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 309.759 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,800 clicks on your ad.

If using package 8,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 341.333 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,133 clicks on your ad.

If using package 10,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 426.667 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,666 clicks on your ad.

View quote Zalo advertising updated today:Zalo advertising agency

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