marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi
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Are you looking for marketing Tiktok in Hanoi? Then look no further because we are the best place for you!

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See solution tiktok marketing :

E-commerce ad lacks valid information on Landing Page

Information that needs to be fully updated on Tiktok promotional posts include:

  • Contact info
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Business license
  • Price to display in local currency
  • Other terms and conditions
  • Shipping info
  • Privacy policy, return and refund for customers

Options marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Increase Reach and Engagement


1. Mid-Page Video Ad Format: this ad appears in full-screen video format on the “For You” news page. Allows users to like, comment, and share directly.

Increasing Reach and Crawling

2. Brand Takeover ad format: will display a full-screen ad (GIF/Image/Video) when the user first logs in to Tik Tok. When users click on the ad, they will be directed to the brand’s website.

tiktok agency pet

Most young people nowadays really like animals and I also invest a lot in my pets. This is a potential field and must be said to hit the high demand of today’s young people, and above all this will also be a very developed area in the future because pets are increasingly loved, cared for and protected as pets. their children.

Especially pets with fancy looks and more beautiful and more attractive, although the price is very high. Along with that, it is impossible to ignore the accessories, services, and food related to pets. These things are very interested and need more investment if you are a pet business.

Example :

  • If your products are accessories and care services take care of dogs and cats, you should build your own TikTok channel specializing in pets, every day just shoot and upload 3-4 videos, make sure there will be viewers, super follow, mixed with 1 product video , the order will naturally increase a lot.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

tiktok agency home decor 

GenZ generation using TikTok is quite interested They come to decorate their houses by themselves because these young people are currently living independently, so they are easily attracted by small apartments and rooms with beautiful and sparkling decor. Being able to take advantage of this large source of users to exploit more about home decoration items for business is very potential

Overseas they make this type of content very well, so you You can search by hastag like: #decor, #homedecor or #roomdecor you can learn and promote ideas based on this

Example :

  • You can choose decorative products according to each location in the house such as: working corner, kitchen corner , bedroom …
  • This is an audience file that doesn’t want to spend too much so you also need to be careful in choosing the price even for products. Because surely there are many other competitors in this niche.

In addition to decoration related products, you The service can be extended in the following directions:

  • Specializing in consulting room decor
  • Decoration service at home
  • Decor and rent by month

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Need an ad process

Agreed that if you want to run Tik Tok ads, you can learn and then run it yourself. But here what you run are the basic running techniques, amateurs, and the process of running ads does not exist.

These often lead to the common consequence: Tik Tok ads are not effective.

Because there is no specific procedure, so when you’re wrong, you don’t know where you’re wrong to correct it. . People who do advertising are stable, successful in the long run, they will often draw up a strategy, with plans and plans. Beneath the plans and options are pre-planned step-by-step processes.

This makes it easy to control advertising campaigns on Tik Tok. Thus, to ensure effective advertising, you need to run ads with a process.

If you’re new to TikTok ads, you can learn more about the ad implementation process. with information shared online. Either invest money to buy online TikTok courses, or participate in face-to-face courses at training centers.

Then you will probably find a lot of experience running ads on other Tik Tok, along with the following: Discover the effective process of running TikTok ads again.

Latest TikTok advertising price list

TIKTOK ADVERTISING RUN (for normal industry)
Run by video, click to website.
Customer audience: select gender, region, age, interests.

– Based on the information and video clips received from Party A, Party B writes its own content, advertising form, and customizes the target audience for distribution in the most effective way.

– Tiktok’s minimum daily budget is from 200,000 VND or more.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Service fee 3 million/month :
– Budget running under 10 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 2 content

Service fee 3.5 million/month :
– Budget running 10 to 15 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 4.5 million/month :
– Budget running 15 to 25 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 3 content

Service fee 5.5 million/month :
– Budget running 25 to 35 million/month
– 1 month to change ad content no more than 4 content

Budget over 35 million will be charged a service fee of 15 % on running budget amount. In a month, write or change no more than 4 content.

For special industries please contact now.

The seller will create a shortened link placed on the Tik Tok Shop platform integrated in his personal page to Buyers access and make purchases. If the seller wants more traffic that can be known by many customers, Marketing Ads recommends you learn about some how to run Tik Tok Shop ads .

  • About the form of payment: The Tik Tok Shop platform encourages buyers and sellers to make online payments, avoiding situations COD payment status will be more risky. After making an online payment, the Tik Tok platform will deduct the commission fee and then transfer the remaining amount of goods to the seller’s Tik Tok account.
  • Order shipping stage: Regarding this shipping stage, Tik Tok’s partners, namely the e-commerce platform will carry out shipping orders that customers have placed through carriers such as J & T, Shoppe Express,…

tiktok agency travel

Considered as the field that attracts the most viewers in the world In TikTok, refining the image in the video is very important in this area, this is something that you should pay great attention to if you want to attract a high viewership. Should invest in the quality of videos on travel topics, beautiful places that you go through.

Once you have a certain amount of Follow, you can sell related products such as:

  • Tours
  • Fashion for travel
  • Regional food
  • Hot trending place…

In this regard you can rest assured because Building a 100k, 200k Follow channel is quite easy, and any product you will sell will sell, as long as it is suitable for users on TikTok.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Tiktok ad account.

Currently on the market there are two types ad accounts Tiktok. Those are personal accounts and agency accounts. Only an agency account can give you new features like running Deep link.

See more: Adwords ads, tiktok ads, Advertise Tiktok Shop, SEO website, SEO keywords, Youtube Ads, Instagram ads, Zalo Ads, Seo Google, SMS message advertising, Email Marketing Services, Advertisement of a forum forum,…

Learn how to run ads Report TikTok Shop

Before launching an ad campaign on this platform, clients will need to learn about the steps to enable ads as well as the costs of running ads from time to time on this platform to make reasonable advertising decisions.

Just like running ads on normal Tik Tok, sellers will visit Tik Tok’s advertising page Shop. Then click on register to run ads on this platform and enter the information that Tik Tok Shop requires.

The next step, the seller will enter email and check to register for an account to run ads. Then you can access the account running the ad to perform administrative steps.

You are running TikTok ads yourself, but perhaps things are not going well, the advertising efficiency is not high. Here, it is probably because you do not know how to optimize TikTok Ads for the best. If so, you can immediately refer to the following optimal techniques of Marketing Advertising.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi at Closing Company

Tick Tok is a hot trend with a huge number of App users. You can create your own account to run ads, or better yet, rent a TikTok Agency account. An even simpler solution is to hire  TikToktok advertising services from reputable marketing companies for many years. Contact us now to get an effective and budget-friendly TikTok advertising price list.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Reality proves that tiktok marketing is the shortest path when tiktok agency Closing Orders will bring big revenue

How to create Tiktok Shop Vietnam

To open Tiktok Shop, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: First you visit the official website of Tiktok Shop Vietnam to register via the link

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

Step 2: You log in your Tiktok account if you already have an account. Otherwise, create yourself a Tiktok account and then log in again! 

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

How to increase TikTok followers with software

Tools or software to increase follow Tik Tok are tools developed from a 3rd party not Tik Tok. These tools support increasing followers automatically for Tik Tok channel.

To use software to increase follow Tik Tok This requires:

• Download setup.

• Install the software.

• Paid to use.

Then you can use these software to increasing followers on  TikTok. However, this software is not available at the moment, you can wait 1 more time.

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

To tiktok agency not to miss potential customers

We are talking about remarketing techniques on TikTok. This means showing ads that follow people who have previously clicked on your ad, but have not yet made a specific purchase.

Example: Customer clicks ad, goes to landing page, adds product to the cart but have not paid for example.

Meaning that customers have real needs, but have not purchased, you need to re-exploit customers this by continuing to display ads that follow them. By advertising remarketing on TikTok.

tiktok marketing for what ?

  • You will have more clients .
  • You will sell more items .
  • You will profitable and more more time to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally you will experience the feeling of thigh shaking while enjoying coffee and  Answering customer queries  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles,  groping to edit ads.


Please rest assured business, marketing Tiktok in Hanoi let us take care !

Effect of  tiktok agency for ?

1/ Right time :

  • Three times look at the concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times drives the viewer’s buying urge to watch the ad.

2/ Correct object :

Target exactly what you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are people:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Having a moderate to high income who decides on family spending
  • A person who influences family, friends, relatives.

3/ Correct message :

My layout design shows the correct content tiktok marketing, the right message. Do not spread gills.

See quote tiktok marketing updated today:marketing Tiktok in Hanoi

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