Youtube marketing agencies

Youtube marketing agencies
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Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh by recording a video clip and uploading it to Youtube

Package cost 6 million/8 hours

  • 1 master + 1 assistant
  • Sound + light
  • Incoming filming in HCMC, if you go to another province, there will be an additional charge
  • Slight surcharge if traveling to another province
  • Recording time : 8 hours
  • Record products, events, showcase…
  • After editing, I will send 2 versions
  • 1 shortened version and 1 full version

YouTube Ads with GDN (Google Display Network)

GDN is actually a form of advertising by placing banners or text on websites registered with Google . Youtube is a website of Google and you can use this ad to place banners on videos. The maximum duration of a banner is 30 seconds per appearance.

Youtube marketing agencies

Talking about increasing video views, paid software will help you increase views automatically, you recharge and receive corresponding score. This point will be converted to the actual number of video views. However, these software have no guarantee of account security. If you want to use it, you should secure your account very carefully. Some popular software to increase views are:

  • YouTubeByClick
  • YouBot
  • Traffic Bot Full Edition
  • YT Views Bot
  • YouTube View Incraser
  • Tube Traffic

Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh to increase Youtube channel followers
Increase Youtube Subscribers or Youtube Followers
Price of 5 million : Over 3,000 followers
Growth speed: about 30 to 150 followers/day

Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh by SEO Youtube channel

Youtube channel SEO increase sales and brand
Basic SEO : 5,000,000 Vnd / month
✅Number of video clips published : 26 videos
✅The number of channel subscribers will increase : 500 subscribers / followers
✅ Number of keyword phrases SEO : 26
✅ Number of keyword phrases that will go to the top of Google : at least 3 keyword phrases appear on 1 of the first 3 pages of Google search or Google image search or video search on Google or YouTube video search. Usually, the number of keywords to the top will be more, and there will be no costs and backlinks to the website.

Double SEO : 7,000,000 Vnd / month
✅Number of video clips published : 52 videos
✅The number of channel subscribers will increase : 1,000 subscribers / followers
✅ Number of keyword phrases SEO : 52
✅Number of keyword phrases that will go to the top of Google : at least 6 keyword phrases appear on 1 of the first 3 pages of Google search or Google image search or video search on Google or YouTube video search. Usually, the number of keywords to the top will be more, and there will be no costs and backlinks to the website

YouTube SEO Software

Implementation SEO Youtube will bring useful values to your youtube channel. To make this SEO process faster, simpler and more effective, users can rely on SEO support software.

One of the most commonly used software today includes: Iclick, Vidiq and Tubebuddy software.

Find the most effective Youtube SEO keywords from the list

After you have a list of keywords, now you should choose the best keywords. Especially, if your channel does not have many subscribers, you should SEO keywords with low competition. To check for low competition keywords, go to the “About result” section. You can search for words on Google. Usually, Google will rank videos with keywords like:

      • “How to” type keyword
      • Review
      • Tutorial
      • Posts with content related to health and fitness
      • Positive funny video

If you want to find detailed keywords, just type on Google one of the keywords you just found above then see if that keyword appears in the Youtube Video results. And when you’ve found the video keyword, go to the Search Volume section of that keyword to check the keyword’s coverage. Make sure those keywords have at least 100 to 1000 searches in 1 month on Google.

Youtube marketing agencies

Besides design standard SEO website to attract customers,  Youtube advertising is gradually becoming a new trend in tools. Modern advertising today. According to statistics, every day more than 4 billion videos are watched. This shows that YouTube’s reach is even larger than Facebook’s. That is also the reason why many people are rushing to advertise on this “biggest TV channel in the world”. However, not everyone knows how to advertise Youtube to increasing views effectively and achieve the desired results.

Youtube marketing agencies

YouTube has been and is becoming an indispensable part in the shopping process of many consumers today. grand. Up to  68% YouTube users choose to consult the product information on the channel before making a purchase decision.

That’s also why today so many brands and businesses are starting to build their own YouTube channels to advertise their products and services. Advertising on the YouTube platform brings a large amount of traffic to business websites and it is also a way for them to attract more potential customers to regularly follow YouTube.

Youtube marketing agencies

Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh GDN (Google Display Network)

This is a form of text banner ads on pages registered with Google, including Youtube to advertise your brand. The ad is placed on the location of the Google Diplay Network and the maximum appearance time for this type of ad is 30 seconds.

Youtube marketing agencies

Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh shown on Youtube

This is a form of Youtube advertising consisting of 4 forms with different methods :

True View In Display on watch page : This allows your ad to appear to the right of the video that user Youtube agency in Ho Chi Minh  is viewing. You will pay ads if a user clicks on your ad.

Youtube marketing agencies

True View In Display on search page : This is the form if customers search on the search item will give results search at the top is your ad

Youtube marketing agencies

Standard Display: This is a banner ad, your banner ad will appear to the right of the video. that customers are accessing, and just like in the first form, you only pay if a user clicks on your banner ad and will visit the website link you specified.


Video Clip Editing Service

  • Create video clip from image : 1 million/clip
  • Edit video clips easily: 1 million/clip
  • Editing video clips is difficult: 3 million/clip
  • Includes dub fee and image finding

SEO recommended Youtube

With this strategy, when you access Youtube, the videos will display above the content. Recommended video content for viewers. These videos have almost the same content as the videos you have watched on Youtube.

When SEO recommends on Youtube, your videos will have a chance to appear on Youtube’s suggested category , so those videos will be known more and the visits will increase. This SEO method uses groups of keywords and tags of specific videos that you want your videos to be placed behind them so that the video will be on the Top of Youtube.

Youtube marketing agencies

Benefits of using our  Youtube marketing agencies :

  • You will have more clients.
  • You’ll sell more items.
  • You will profitable and long time than to reinvest in something else .
  • Finally  you will experience the feeling of fluttering your thighs enjoying coffee and reply consulting for customers  rather than having to plug into the computer to worry about writing articles, going here and there to find new content to make video clips.

Get Free Youtube Views

This looks like this:

• You spend time watching other people’s videos, and earn points for each of these views.

• Then you use the points earned to convert to the corresponding number of views for the video.

Note: Each view is counted after 30 seconds of viewing

Youtube marketing agencies

Google has clear criteria to rank websites to the highest position, so does Youtube. To be able to evaluate Youtube Video ratings, you should base on the following criteria:

Channel prestige

If we want to know if that Youtube channel has a high rank or not, we can consider the credibility of the YouTube channel. channel. But to build credibility, channels must ensure the following criteria:

  • Playlist: Is the number of videos produced continuously or if video streaming occurs regularly. 
  • Channel Description: You should briefly describe your business features especially mentioning your brand and keywords specialized in business field.
  • Channel keywords: Related to current search trends
  • Channel Title: Is the title optimized or not?

Practically proven Youtube agency in Ho Chi Minh is the shortest path when Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh Closing Orders will bring you high revenue


Ad budget

Your daily budget is VND 230,000 for the video campaign. Multiply this by the number of days you want to run your campaign. Experts recommend at least two weeks to build traction and balance for your campaign before making any changes.

So let’s say you’re a beginner and want to spend the least on the campaign. The cost of advertising on YouTube at this stage will be:

  • 230,000 x 14 days (2 weeks) = VND 3,220,000

So, your total campaign budget is  VND3,220,000. This entire budget will be spread evenly throughout the campaign’s life (2 weeks), including fluctuations in website views and traffic.

As a result, your YouTube ad budget may be higher or lower than your daily budget for days certain but in the end it will still not exceed the total initial budget of 3,220,000 VND.

Advantages and disadvantages of Youtube SEO and Google SEO

Advantages of Youtube SEO

  • In fact, YouTube SEO is very simple in nature, everything happens quickly through creating channels and uploading certain videos, ending Optimize a number of factors to meet Youtube’s ranking factors. If possible, combining  YouTube ads  to increase accessibility to viewers is also a good option.

Youtube marketing agencies

  • The level of competition between you and your competitors is not as fierce as with Google or other social networking platforms. For those who have a website, this is considered an opportunity for you to exploit more user traffic sources from Youtube videos. As well as improving brand awareness and video engagement.
  • The video optimization process is faster, specifically you only need to care about  keywords, title and  description. The most important thing is that the content your video conveys must be really valuable to the people searching for it.

Are you looking for Youtube marketing agencies? Look no further because we are the best place for you!

We affirm that our Youtube advertising and marketing service will help your brand be widely known at the lowest cost.

Hotline 1: 0982.58.55.48 – Zalo: 0917.45.0205

Youtube marketing agencies Package 3 million/month

  • Viewers under 5 seconds : about 63,000 people
  • Viewers over 15 seconds: over 18,000 people
  • Number of people clicking on the link: about 18,000 people
  • Select gender, region, age, interest, device, delivery time

View details full latest price list :

Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh appears in Youtube Videos

This type of ad inserts into video clips the user is watching and can usually be skipped after 5 seconds. This is the TrueView in stream ads form. Youtube marketing in Ho Chi Minh this only pays when viewers watch until the 30th second. This type of advertisement usually has no limit on the length of the promotional clip. You can point the link to the website when the user clicks on the ad.

Youtube marketing agencies

In this form, there will be 2 more types of ads: In Stream Non-skippable (ads appear on Youtube and pages of the Diplay system). of Google with ad support) and In Stream Preroll Ads (not only appearing on youtube but also on Embed video pages from youtube, ie sites that embed Youtube into other web to play). One feature of both these ad types is that the promotional video will be played by default and cannot be skipped.


Please focus on selling, Youtube agency in Ho Chi Minh let us take care of it!

See price list Youtube agency in Ho Chi Minh updated today:

Youtube marketing agencies

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