Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi
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You need Advertise Zalo in Hanoi to increase customers and increase sales? Zalo marketing let us take care!

Generate effective interactions and orders for everyone

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Increased interest Zalo

How to run Zalo ads

Advertise Zalo Official Account

Advertise Zalo messages

How to sell on Zalo effectively

Zalo advertising experience

Advertising Zalo

How to increase interaction on Zalo

Types of Zalo advertising

Difference between personal Zalo and Zalo OA


See details of the latest price list:

Target object Zalo agency in Ho Chi Minh not too narrow

For Zalo ads, if you select the target audience for detailed ads, the target audience group that meets the conditions will be narrowed and lead to the following cases:
The CTR is low because the audience is small, the impressions are low, and the clicks on the ads are of course less followed.
When the audience is too specific, the cost per click will be pushed up.
In addition, the target parts such as gender, needs, interests, behavior … on Zalo are currently still in the process of development and completion, so they are not as accurate as Facebook. So targeting too specific audiences will reduce the effectiveness of your ads.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Select a group of Target objects with a certain degree of subordination for better performance

Simple and convenient

Simple and convenient are the words that are mentioned when talking about Zalo. Quick operation, simple and easy to use, eliminating cumbersome procedures, it will be much easier for you to run ads on this application. Zalo has a simpler and more convenient structure than Facebook in many components, so the interfaces related to creating, managing and reporting ads are also simpler, very suitable for those who do not have much technical experience. . However, it is also a weakness because there is not much information needed for advertisers to evaluate Zalo ads comprehensively.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Zalo is easy and convenient to shop


Consulting strategies and implementing Online Marketing, connecting customers to your products and services.


If you want to build – deploy a Marketing strategy to do business effectively on the Internet, you cannot lack a professional consultant and implementation. We are always ready to help you.


Desire to affirm the value of the product, bring the benefits of the product to everyone & be ready to compete in a healthy way on the Internet.

The effect of  Zalo marketing in Ho Chi Minh brings ?

1/ Right on time:

  • Look 3 times to have a concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times is promoting the buying and viewing needs of ad viewers.

2/ Right object:

Target the right audience you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are those who:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Has a moderate to high income, is the one who decides on the family expenses
  • An influence on family, friends, relatives.

3/ Right message:

My layout design shows the right content Zalo agency in Ho Chi Minh, the right message. Do not spread.

When creating a Zalo page, you need to pay attention to the following things for quick approval by the Administrator:

How many Zalo pages can one Zalo account register?

With each Zalo account you can register up to 5 Zalo pages and each Zalo page can have many managers who are different Zalo accounts.

Select the registration category Zalo page

You need to choose the correct category that you intend to do. Normally, the Community category is prohibited from selling, if you are a brand, a large enterprise with an operating license, choose Brand-enterprise, if you create a Zalo page for a small business shop or individual business household, select Store-Service… same with other categories like Artist or News-Entertainment.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

All you need to know when creating a Zalo page to sell

Pay attention to time when doing business on Zalo

Unlike e-commerce websites, doing business on Zalo or Facebook, you need to pay attention to the time when you put your products on or offer promotions, because depending on the time frame, there will be a number of users. different.

If you do not need to care about each object, you can pay attention to the following time frames:

  • From 7:00 am to 7:30 am: This is the time to prepare for work or school, so people often have the habit of checking in or updating friends’ information on social networking sites.</li >
  • 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.: A time of lunch and rest many people use to find out the information they need.
  • And in the afternoon from 5am to 6pm
  • Evening from 8 am to 10 pm: this is the time frame with the highest number of social network users, even with Zalo. And diverse audience for you.

If you target young people such as students and students, you can upload information at any time because the online time of this audience is very diverse and wide. Office workers are mainly in the early morning, midday and evening hours according to the above time frame.

You need to pay attention to the time frame so that the updated information to customers is the fastest and most effective. If you give your information too early, your article will easily drift on the news feed, too slow, and the reach is not high.

  • Sales on Zalo at no cost: Every business wants to minimize sales costs. Therefore, when selling on Zalo, you will be free to text messages free of charge to take care of customers via Zalo, consult detailed reports for shoppers, guide them on how to choose products from designs and colors color, size, usage, etc. As a result, the ability to close successful orders is higher.

Reality proves that Zalo agency in Ho Chi Minh is the shortest way when Zalo marketing in Ho Chi Minh with the company Closing Orders will bring good revenue

Increase sales with Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Today, selling online is an inevitable trend, especially in the day of the epidemic, all offline stores closed in bulk, switching to online shopping. Buyers and sellers limit contact to keep a safe distance when fighting the epidemic. Over time, online shopping changes consumer habits and behaviors.

Online sales channels such as e-commerce platforms, social networks, etc. are used and trusted by many people when ordering. The correct and optimal exploitation of these online sales channels is a whole sales process, how to post Zalo ads and evaluate the effectiveness after many times of testing and summarizing. Running Zalo ads brings a lot of benefits as follows:

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Meeting business goals on Zalo

Instructions to run ads on Zalo

Running ads on the Zalo ecosystem is so effective, so do you know how to do it yet? Let’s find out with us!

What to prepare when running ads?

To run effective Zalo ads, you need to have a verified Zalo Official account available. Currently, it may take a little time (1 week to refill) for the new Zalo Official Account to be fully verified. Necessary documents should always be prepared to make the verification process more convenient.

Besides an Official Account, you need to prepare a payment method to top up the Zalo Ads system from the very beginning, right at the time of account creation. Currently, payment on Zalo has updated many forms of payment instead of only supporting international payments as before. You need to prepare enough money in your account.

Some popular ad formats that you should know: Message ads, Sticker ads, User log ads, Top categories ads.

How to measure Zalo ad performance</ span>

To know if the running zalo ads are really effective and optimal, you should rely on the CTR metric column in the ad account.

CTR is the number of clicks on the ad. Usually:

  • Average CTR in Zalo ads between 0.7 – 0.9% is stable.
  • A high CTR of 1% or more is a very good performing ad, the content is relevant to the user.
  • CTR lower than 0.7% means ads are stopped serving or limited to customers.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

How to measure zalo advertising effectiveness

Advertising Zalo package

Run the link to the website or Zalo OA

  • Promotional period is calculated as 1 month or calculated according to the number of commitments below whichever comes first. The price above the selected age range is not too narrow and the selected area must have Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi province, if the ad distribution area does not choose Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the price will increase by 20%.
  • Target customers: Choose 3 conditions: Region, gender, age
  • Create a page Zalo Page – Official Account and advertise on this page, hand over the page admin rights
  • Zalo Page for customers.
  • Uploading products to Zalo Page will cost a fee according to Zalo’s regulations
  • Advertising fee is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad

If using package 4,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 187,733 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,200 clicks on your ad.

If using package 5,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 258.133 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,450 clicks on your ad.

If using package 6,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 309.759 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,800 clicks on your ad.

If using package 8,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 341.333 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,133 clicks on your ad.

If using package 10,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 426.667 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,666 clicks on your ad.

Zalo agency in Ho Chi Minh for what?

  • You will have more customers.
  • You will sell more products.
  • You will have profits and more time to reinvest in something else.
  • In the end, you will experience the feeling of shaking your thighs enjoying coffee and answering customer service consultations  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles, groping around to edit ads..


Please rest assured to do business,  Advertise Zalo in Hanoi let us take care of it !

More Information

In this section, you integrate into industries related to products and services. Zalo’s Data mining mechanism will help QC prioritize distribution to those interested in your chosen industry.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Add information to narrow the object

Above are some sharing instructions for optimizing Zalo Ads. However, you should rely on the nature of products, services, industries and advertising purposes to optimize better. Hope the above article will help you.

Run ads on Zalo

How to quickly increase the number of customers interested in your products and services?

According to the latest report of Zalo, this application has up to 100 million Vietnamese users. If you want to increase your shop’s awareness and reach more customers, you can use the Zalo Ads feature to run ads and PR for products. You’ll never know Advertise Zalo in Hanoi, if you haven’t tried Zalo agency in Ho Chi Minh. The opportunity Zalo marketing in Ho Chi Minh is in front of you. A special feature of this service is the ability to create ads yourself without setting up content or paying, running campaigns. As long as the seller sets up a target customer group according to the criteria of age, gender, geographical location, … Zalo will analyze and offer the most suitable advertising strategy.

Zalo Ads currently supports 3 different forms of advertising to help you create online sales campaigns. You can choose to advertise through the website on Zalo to connect customers to your sales website or run ads on Zalo Official Account to help increase visits on Zalo OA. Or advertise products to Zalo users. Thereby, you can easily reach customers through the available features.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Marketing products to potential customers

How to register Zalo Official Account

Step 1: Visit OA initialization page

There are 2 ways to login:

  • Log in with your registered phone number and password Zalo
  • Scan QR code

Click on “Create a new Official Account

Step 2: Choose the right OA account type

Choose a Business account type

Step 3: Choose the right category

Select one of the subcategories that matches your business form (located below the main Business category).

Step 4: Enter complete information

Fill in the information Official Account Name, Description, Full name and phone number of the OA creator

Step 5: Update profile picture, cover photo on OA

Please refer to the profile and cover photo policy before updating the image on OA.

Image standard:

  • Avatar image (150×150 pixels, size <1MB, png or jpg format).
  • Cover image (320×350 pixels, safe area 320×180 pixels, size <1MB, png or jpeg format).

Step 6: Enter your business address

Select province, county/district and enter the address at where the business is operating. Please provide the address exact to make it easier for OA to be searched.

Press Done to initialize the OA.

Above is the article Selling on personal Zalo – The most cost-saving that you should refer to. Selling online on personal Zalo is not simple, requiring you to spend a lot of time and effort to learn and build a personal brand. As a result, you can reach potential customers, save on sales costs and achieve the desired business results.

Advertise Zalo in Hanoi

Form Ads

The form of advertising Zalo Ads in the form of registration form contains information such as: full name, phone number … combined with images and advertising content for the purpose of collecting customer information. Some fixed industries that can use this form include: Automobiles and vehicles, Home furnishings and appliances, Beauty and personal care, Food and beverage or Education, etc.

Choosing the audience for advertising to leave information, also known as filling out the form: Target audience is one of the essential factors to decide on an effective advertising campaign. If you choose a narrow target group, your reach will be greatly narrowed and advertising prices will increase. On the contrary, if you choose a fairly broad audience, your ads have to run a lot of money to reach but are difficult to achieve. Therefore, you must measure this factor accurately to set the campaign.

When running ads on Zalo, you will be targeting customers according to the available phone number file to optimize the highest efficiency. Join groups related to your product, then use the scan tool to get the required amount of user information.

Zalo ads run for hire

Run form lead form (fill out form)

Price 2,000,000 VND/month:
– Budget running under 8,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 2 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 3,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 10,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 3 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 4,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 5 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 6,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 25,000,000 VND to 50,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 8 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

General information:

  • Create a free Zalo Official Account page
  • Customer: select region, age, gender
  • Select the link to access when clicking on Ads

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