Zalo Ads service

Zalo Ads service
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You need Zalo Ads service to increase customers and increase sales? Zalo marketing let us take care!

Generate effective interactions and orders for everyone

Zalo Ads service

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See details of the latest price list:

  • CTR is too low

CTR (Click Through Rate) is the percentage of clicks on the ad, with the formula: CTR = number of clicks/impressions x 100

CTR helps measure and evaluate the level of advertising the interest of the target customer group with the business’s advertising.

While facebook ads are calculated by impressions, Zalo is calculated by user clicks. CTR is a very important metric and needs to be checked regularly and always stable when making ads. If the CTR is too low, Zalo will stop advertising because the ads are not suitable, not user-friendly and Zalo will not profit from your ads.

Zalo Ads service centralizes all resources for a single service

Many business owners often notice the total size of an online marketing company, but forget to consider how many services the company’s resources are allocated to.

For example, a company with 100 employees serving 5 types of Online Marketing (SEO, Google Adwords, Facebook, Email Marketing, Forum Seeding), would their SEO segment be better than a company that has existed for more than 5 years and has 70 HR only focuses on SEO services? Test your own conclusions!

One of the concerns of most business owners as soon as they contact a service consultant: is the consultant good at expertise? Or often “umm” many unknown things?

In many multi-service companies, one salesperson can “weigh” all services for consulting. While at a professional Marketing company, the consultant does not hold many fields, but only needs to have deep expertise in the field that the company provides. As a result, consultants are able to provide advice that is “closer” to your actual business case! 5 things you often overlook but are extremely important in Zalo Ads service. Not everyone knows how marketing agency in Vietnam

So, if you find a medium to large specialized online marketing company that has existed for more than 5 years, please contact us to find out if it meets your needs! Often companies that offer a large-scale ownership service will not have many in the market.

Sell on Zalo Shop

If Facebook has a Fanpage to help users sell products for free, so does Zalo. Zalo allows you to create an online shop to introduce and advertise sales. Zalo Official Account (hereinafter referred to as OA) is the official information page of businesses, brands, organizations and communities on Zalo, for the purpose of interacting, connecting, transmitting information, and bringing value to users. Zalo users.

Zalo Ads service

Sell online on Zalo

Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is for what?

  • You will have more customers.
  • You will sell more products.
  • You will have profits and more time to reinvest in something else.
  • In the end, you will experience the feeling of shaking your thighs enjoying coffee and answering customer service consultations  instead of having to plug your face into the computer to worry about writing articles, groping around to edit ads..


Please rest assured to do business,  Zalo Ads service let us take care of it !

The effect of  marketing agency in Vietnam brings ?

1/ Right on time:

  • Look 3 times to have a concept
  • Look 5 times to remember the brand
  • Looking 7 times is promoting the buying and viewing needs of ad viewers.

2/ Right object:

Target the right audience you need. Subjects 18-47 years old are those who:

  • Highly qualified.
  • High brand awareness.
  • Has a moderate to high income, is the one who decides on the family expenses
  • An influence on family, friends, relatives.

3/ Right message:

My layout design shows the right content Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is, the right message. Do not spread.

How to measure Zalo ad performance</ span>

To know if the running zalo ads are really effective and optimal, you should rely on the CTR metric column in the ad account.

CTR is the number of clicks on the ad. Usually:

  • Average CTR in Zalo ads between 0.7 – 0.9% is stable.
  • A high CTR of 1% or more is a very good performing ad, the content is relevant to the user.
  • CTR lower than 0.7% means ads are stopped serving or limited to customers.

Zalo Ads service

How to measure zalo advertising effectiveness

Advertisement on Zalo OA

Zalo Ads service

Similar to today’s major social networks, Zalo also equips users with the ZaloPage advertising feature to increase the number of people interested. The form of advertising is quite simple, you just need to spend money to have your ZaloPage present in the catalog of stores that Zalo displays to users. The minimum monthly fee is 5 million VND, but in return, you will return from 3000 to 7000 people who are really interested. Everything in this world is a test, except Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is. So don’t ignore marketing agency in Vietnam, mistakes can be corrected, broken can be removed.

To reach the right customers with needs or filter potential customers by age, region, and interests, you can choose the form of running Zalo OA ads. This is a quick choice if you want to increase the amount of interest in a short time, but the cost to run ads is not cheap.

Benefits of using marketing agency in Vietnam

The following 3 things will definitely be achieved when choosing this business form:

– Remove geographical distance: As mentioned above, the internet is a global system with extremely fast information transmission speed. As long as your product is posted here, everyone in the world can see it.

– Minimize time to market: is the consequence when the geographical distance is narrowed. You will not waste time traveling to each area to introduce your products.

– Simplification of Costs: When the constraints of time and distance have been eliminated, it is obvious that profits will increase. According to statistics, online marketing is up to 10 times more economical than traditional sales. Told you Zalo Ads service. To choose the right Zalo Ads service , consumers need to know marketing agency in Vietnam…..

Reality proves that Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is is the shortest way when marketing agency in Vietnam with the company Closing Orders will bring good revenue

How to create Zalo page

Step 1: Download Zalo application to your device (can be a computer, iOS-Android-Windows phone)

Step 2: Launch Zalo app, click Sign Up button

Step 3: Enter your phone number, tick to agree to the terms of use and click Continue and click Confirm phone number is correct.

Step 4: Within 30 seconds, you will receive a call from Zalo number 08… to provide you with an activation code. You answer the phone and enter the code and then press Continue.

Step 5: Create a password for Zalo and complete.

How to sell on Zalo effectively

After you have reached a large enough number of customers, it is time to advertise the product to close the “big” order. A few ways you can market your products to potential customers are:

Sell on Zalo Shop

Zalo Shop is considered an online sales shop on Zalo, allowing you to provide information about product descriptions, advertise goods and services for business activities. Here you can completely sell for free with no customer file limit. Zalo Shop has an interface quite similar to Fanpage pages on Facebook, just need users to follow the Zalo OA account (Zalo Official Account), the shop owner can reach a large number of users, from which it is easy to exchange and buy sell goods online.

Do you really need the services of an online marketing company?

If your business is experiencing one of the following three situations, you should choose this type of service:

– Planned and implemented an online marketing campaign by myself, but it was not effective
– Online marketing staff do not have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field
– Lack of staff or want to save investment costs for online marketing. DO YOU KNOW Zalo Ads service. Besides the marketing agency in Vietnam information, what other secret people don’t want you to know? And Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is…

Advertising Zalo package

Run the link to the website or Zalo OA

  • Promotional period is calculated as 1 month or calculated according to the number of commitments below whichever comes first. The price above the selected age range is not too narrow and the selected area must have Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi province, if the ad distribution area does not choose Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi, the price will increase by 20%.
  • Target customers: Choose 3 conditions: Region, gender, age
  • Create a page Zalo Page – Official Account and advertise on this page, hand over the page admin rights
  • Zalo Page for customers.
  • Uploading products to Zalo Page will cost a fee according to Zalo’s regulations
  • Advertising fee is only charged when a customer clicks on the ad

If using package 4,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 187,733 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,200 clicks on your ad.

If using package 5,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 258.133 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,450 clicks on your ad.

If using package 6,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 309.759 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 1,800 clicks on your ad.

If using package 8,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 341.333 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,133 clicks on your ad.

If using package 10,000,000 VND/month:
Reach commitment (timeline impressions): over 426.667 views
Commitment to the number of people clicking on your ad: over 2,666 clicks on your ad.

Update status and send messages on Zalo Page

Zalo Ads service

After creating Zalo Official Account, need to activate by posting status, invite interested friends

  • Page is not allowed to send status, messages, images to users for the purpose of enticing, inciting to perform unfair competitive actions, boycotting other companies/products/individuals Zalo Ads in VietnamWhat is .
  • Page is not allowed to send statuses, messages, images that violate the law, fine customs and traditions, are objectionable, are not suitable for age and target users.
  • Page is not allowed to post, send picture messages, friend content. get acquainted.
  • Pages with content to post statuses and send messages must match the page’s subscription category.
  • Page has content to post feed and send messages related to Facebook.
  • Page has content that is not related to the game application (game).

Zalo reserves the right to delete/block any Zalo Page that sends infringing content temporarily or permanently without prior notice, so you need to be aware of these regulations to post standard content.

marketing agency in Vietnam by phone number

Step 1: Post the customer file to the Zalo Ads system

+ Login to your Zalo Ads account

+ At the management screen, in the upper right corner select Ad object group

+ Select Upload phone number list

+ In the section Upload phone number list, you upload the customer phone number list

+ Select Save to confirm the creation of a new customer phone number list

Note valid customer phone number file when running Zalo ads must

The file includes at least 1,000 phone numbers

  • The phone number list file has a valid extension of .txt
  • Valid phone number format 098xx
  • Size of the list < 2MB
  • That phone number must be using Zalo and applications of the Zalo Group ecosystem.

Step 2: marketing agency in Vietnam with phone number file

+ In the management interface, select Create campaign, then you choose the form of advertising that suits your goals.

+ In the Saved Audience Group, you select the group of objects you want to reach

Step 3: Then you set the appropriate parameters for your ad

Step 4: Create content for the ad

Step 5: Click Save

This step is to Save the ad to submit for review and once the ad is approved you can start running your ad reaching the desired customer phone number file.

Thus, with just an existing customer phone number file with the same basic steps as in this article, you can market your products/services thanks to the Zalo Ads platform, wish you success with advertising. fox Zalo! To get support for issues related to Zalo Ads, you can contact us The Order Closing Company – Top 5 Zalo Premium Partners.

Stay away from confusing sounds

Whether you choose Vietnamese or English for your store, you need to be careful when naming your store to stay away from confusingly similar pronunciations like “n” and “l”, “x” and “s”, “c” and “k”….

Why is that? Because it is difficult to pronounce, you also have to admit that even if you are a correct pronunciation, with names with these words, you can easily get confused. There are many ideas for stylizing names, because instead of using the same “c” they will use “k” and the pronunciation is the same. What do you think if customers can’t remember the name of your store when they want to search.

Zalo ads run for hire

Run form lead form (fill out form)

Price 2,000,000 VND/month:
– Budget running under 8,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 2 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 3,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 10,000,000 VND to 15,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 3 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 4,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 15,000,000 VND to 25,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 5 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

Price 6,000,000 VND/month:
– Running budget from 25,000,000 VND to 50,000,000 VND/month
– 1 month to write or change no more than 8 advertisements
– Based on the information provided by the customer, we design our own ads, write our own articles and customize the advertising audience to be the most effective.

General information:

  • Create a free Zalo Official Account page
  • Customer: select region, age, gender
  • Select the link to access when clicking on Ads

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